Test Cyp and Anastrozole

Greetings all, here with a question that has likely been asked prior. IF this has been asked please guide me to the thread. Im 49 years old , diagnosed with low test about 9 months ago. My endocrinologist at the Veterans Hospital diagnosed my condition to to rapidly declining strength and energy.

After some blood work at the VA, I was put on injectable Test Cyp. The liquid Testosterone provided to me by the VA is manufactured by Pfizer and strength is 200mg/ml. I inject 1ml twice weekly and have been doing so for nine months straight. I am having no issues that I notice but have given thought to E2 levels. The VA of course is always busy and they have no plans on checking my E2.

I have asked and the docs including Endo checks just about everything else with bloodwork but not my E2. Given I am injecting 200mg of test cyp weekly I am considering adding Anastrozole , on my own outside the VA. The Anastrozole of course comes in 1 mg tablets. What would be a decent cautionary dosage of this generic arimidex to use with 200mg test every week all the time? The test has given all my strength back , a big plus. Shrunk my nuts way down, a negative but if thats the price to pay for strength and energy then I can live without the nuts.

Thanks in advance to all who reply.

Read the HRT protocol sticky, most folks do .25mg eod. Some people are over responders, and take half the dose. If you want your huevos back hcg or clomid might help you with that as well.


  • advice for new guys, consider the non T related issues!!!
  • protocol for injections
  • the estradiol sticky

You are injecting 200mg or 400mg?

Post your lab work with ranges.

Anastrozole depends on your serum T levels. With your dose, you appear to be a hyper metabolizer of T or your docs a idiot. So the standard recommendations may not apply. You also need to understand ‘anastrozole over-responder’.

Pay for your own lab work. You can do blood work at lef.org. There are other places as well.

Do lot accept ‘normal’ from lab ranges or docs, we need to see the data.