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Test-Cyp/Anavar First Cycle


Hi guys.

Some of you might've seen a thread I had posted about last week saying I was going to do an anavar only cycle for 8 weeks @ 60mgs. Well, plans have changed.

I decided going var only was a bit dumb, as I do want to get bigger.

So, I still have the var but decided I'd run some test.

I have already started taking anavar since last tuesday. I took 60mg that day and wed thru saturday took 40mg.

Now, I had a couple questions about my cycle plan lenght/dosage and stuff

I'll post the plan cycle(s) and hit the questions afterward

Plan 1 (the one I think i'll go for)

w1-12 200mg test cyp 2x/week
w4-12 40mg anavar ed
w1-14 adex .25mg ed

Week 14 : Start PCT nolva 40/40/20/20

***Not sure about using HCG post cycle, probably will?

Questions :

1) Does it matter if I already started taking var and drop it untill week 4? Im guessing it does not since I didnt take much

2) Would I be better to run var thru the whole cycle and actually keep taking it right now, or maybe even take it for the first 8 weeks (and use it as a kind of kickstart.. lol?) and than drop it? (Im guessing ill get a big no because of the fact its an oral and is toxic on the liver, but ive been told by someone trustworthy (not a friend or someone that sells...) that var could be taken for a longer period, since it was so mild

3) Would I benefit from upping the dosage of the test cyp to 250mg/inject ?

4) Is 12 weeks too long for a first cycle? Should I do 10 weeks?

5) Should I run my var untill the day I actually start the PCT and therefor go for something like Week 6-14 : 40mg var ed?

6) Would I be better with a 10 weeks cycle @ 500mg/week or a 12 weeks cycle @ 400mg/week



W1-10 test cyp 250mg 2x/week
W4-12 40mg anavar ed
PCT like listed in previous post


6: Yes.

5: Yes for the first part.

4: see 6

3: 500 is better than 400. 600 is better than 500. etc... until you get to 1.5g IMO

8 weeks of var is fine. Just dont drink or take tylenol regularly. There is a lot of freedom with regards to dosing.


Thank you sir !

Now onto something a bit more subjective, opinion of this for a first cycle? Expectations I can have (I know this is very individualistic and wont really know until I try but still..lol)


I like to stick with one compound with the first few cycles to see if you have any sides, and where these sides come from.
test alone for a first cycle is still decent