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Test Cyp 80mg 2x/Wk, 874 Total T. Change Dose?

Im taking 160 mg T cyp. via 80 mg on Mondays and 80 mg on Fridays for 3 months.
Retested on a Friday morning before my shot:
Total was 874
Free at 27
E1,2 and SHBG are pending. More concerned about total to monitor dose.

Is this a good place to stay? What would you speculated my total is reaching on day 0, and day 1 after shot?

Im concerned that is getting a little high and want to reduce dose.


How do you feel?

Those Free T levels are slightly above the optimal ranges and is no concern as long as you feel fine. I would gauge your protocol more on how you feel because we are treating the symptoms of low testosterone, not the numbers.

Actually really tired in the afternoons like I did with low T. But I did just get back from vacation and then trained 4 straight days.

Can high numbers actually make one feel like they are dragging? The impetus for checking total T was because I was dragging. I think my recent change in energy level must be unrelated then.

Too much testosterone can cause problems, excess can slow you down if your body wasn’t designed for high levels.

E1 is 109 (15-65)
E2 is 48 (7-42)

I had been on stinging nettle root but stopped only because I forgot to get some. It had been helping with the estrogens. but E this high, i suppose its time for anastrozole.

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No, it isn’t if you don’t have symptoms

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