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Test Cyp .3 E4D, Low Libido

Everything else feels good…I was E3D but my Estradiol had spiked so I switched to E4D and that seemed to do the trick. Now I’m dealing with really low libido…0. Estradiol was 77 now it’s 43… here are my latest labs

Libido is low low at E2 of 43. How was it when you were at 77?

It retrospect it was a bit better but I thought it wasn’t that great then but maybe it wasn’t as bad…so go back to E3D?

How long on the e4d,?

8 weeks now

I think the injection frequency is the problem, you should have just lowered the dosage or left things alone. Your hormone levels are less consistent now at every 4 days when compared to every 3 days.

Clearly adding an extra day to the injection cycle was the wrong move based on the results.

Honestly , its a bit shortsighted to change your dose just because someone told you estrogen is the bogey man.

Estrogen is what gives us libido. End of day you want to find a dose that gives you the benefits you want and who cares what the numbers are underneath. T wont kill you. There is a reason body builders will take 1000mg a week and forget about it and add other shit on top.

My estrogen is probably around 100 and i feel fucking great! I know my doctors patients (probably hundreds or thousands) all do not bother to worry about estrogen and they dont come here compalining that hes crazy and doesnt know what hes doing. Its the opposite, guys whose doctors contorl estorgen and are scared of lab numbers are the ones who complain.

guys who dont bother to touch estogen, and just find a good dose, are the guys who rarely complain. The guys who always complain are the guys who are constantly changing shit because free t went up or estrogen is too high … or they have some sypmtom and someone told them its due to estrogen.

.3mg 800 total. My father is 75 and his total is almsot 600 and his free t is at 15. He has low t symptoms … Anyone below 50 should easily sit at 1k or higher. Why would anyone short change themsleves on trt when they could have levels above 1k? I mean why not. There are so many benefits from trt when the levels are good. The estrogen you speak of is the hormone that produces good lipids, protects organs, skin, libido, and so much more. Free t isnt that great, dht is also another that has tons of benefits…

I would say E is the most important hormone on paper, then comes DHT and then free t. You can do the research, and when done, youll probably ask "why would i ever want less estrogen to free t/dht ratio if it will help me in all these areas of health.


and how long have you been on trt. why are you on such a low dose without proper labs?

To be clear you are taking .3. So is that 60mg X2 for a total of 120? Well since doing it every 4 days it would be a bit less than 120.

When did you take labs during the week? Are you doing it on the same day in relation to injection day as with previous labs?

You happen to measure prolactin?
I think it has something to do with libido.

Anyway if I am correct and you were injecting 120 a week and your e2 was in the 70s it seems high for 120 a week.
Are you super over weight?

I inject 140 per week and my e2 is just under 40.

You taking anything else? HCG? Dhea? Preg?

Estrogen is not what give you libido, Jesus Christ u fools.

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No, test is what gives us libido. If it were estrogen, men would be looking more at estrogen therapy for low libido.

Get your test high enough and you’ll feel it. Too much E will dampen the effects.

Not everyone does great with E very high. Some do. SOME DON’T. So quit with the fucking blanket statements.

You need SHBG tested to see what’s really going on IMO. Some guys can get by with high E2 as they also have higher SHBG to gobble up (for lack of better terminology) the E2. Lower shbg guys cannot, as that E2 turns to Free E2, which will hurt your results.

Estrogen is a biproduct of Testoterone.

Drive your estrogen into the single digits using anastrozole and report back on your libido and erectile strength.

You are the poster child for miserable, it comes out in all of your posts.


It plays into libido, but it certainly isn’t what drives it alone, as poster stated.

I feel its much more bout the ratio of TT to E2 than it is just Test or E2. Sometimes you need a little ai to get that component right, as some people’s bodies don’t aromatize in the most advantageous ways.

The poster wasn’t clear in what he said, he was using an absolute, that estrogen isn’t what gives you libido which isn’t true, but rather a balance of many other hormones including estrogen.

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I would.

Exactly, Good post

Lol u are THE poster boy for Being a weirdo, Read ur own history

Well said

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Here’s the thing.

I think you are just unable to read and comprehend the issue on e2.

It’s obvious you are Just putting words in my mouth and anyone who tries to explain the issue with blocking estrogen.

Let me put it in a couple simple sentences for your third grade level comprehension.

  1. Do not modify the production of any hormone levels the body produces when you inject or apply T.

  2. If you have symptoms simply lower the dose or try more frequent injections.

  3. For most men symptoms will go away if they just hang in there.

Nobody said raise your e2 through the roof.

Let me say that again in a different phrase.

Nobody is telling you or anyone else what levels of estrogen they need.

Then revise your prior blanket statement

There are those who, when doing the 3 things you suggested, still don’t get results. This is when modifying e2 w an ai will help.

Surprisingly I was able to pass the hardest bar exam in the country. I believe my reading comprehension skills are just fine smart ass. No need for personal attacks.