Test Cyp 250 + HCG Diet To Lean Out

Okay so I joined TNation specifically to discuss the much hated and never anticipated HCG Diet. I used 500mg/wk test cyp split into 2 doses Mondays and Thursdays. I also used HCG injected daily into the stomach fat. I know there will be haters and people who comment just to tell me how stupid I am. That said during the last 60 days I have used this combo and eaten just 500 calories a day for 42 days and then when the last of the hcg ended 18 days at 1000 calories and still less than 50g carbs a day.

During this 60 days I lost 47 lbs and went from 270 to 223. My questions “despite how you feel about the way I got here” is once I finish my 50 days off of test, which I PCT just in case with the last of the hcg and clomid, should I increase my test dose and add in maybe some winstol to keep the lean gains/fat loss going? Or should I continue with test for as long as I am having results and then add something else in? Background is I was on when i was competing 7 years ago, changed jobs and got lazy and gained around 70 lbs over 6 years. Now back to my normal weight that I was competing at but still pretty pudgy, so this is not my first rodeo, just want to see if there is a better way to do things.