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Test Cyp 250 First Cycle


I'm going to lay this out based on the sticky from bonez.

21 years
13-15% BF


long term - work on aesthetics and compete locally within 2 years
short term - gain a significant amount of mass and fill out my muscles

lifting experience and background:

this year marks my 5th year lifting. september 2010 up until around may of this year, I took off some time because I got out of an engagement. I started roughly 135-145 pounds with a high bodyfat at age 16. I played football. most of the years i spent working on just strength. now, looking great and being strong is the focus.

lifting PB's:

smith flat bench 385 x 3
squat: 495 x 1
rack deadlift: 605 x 1
Standing OHP: 195 x 3

yes, i train with the smith frequently, especially on bench because my left shoulder has a tendency to pop out of socket while flat benching regardless of whether its free weight or smith.

cycle experience:

none, first cycle. why AAS? I'm determined to compete.

4200 clean (90/10) calories
20f/30c/50p breakdown; endo/meso body type, try to control carbs

planned cycle:

being first cycle, I have read that 250mg/week is sufficient. most of my studying was done through william llewellyn's anabolic editions. also, as an AI I am wanting to use zinc. I have read many mixed opinions though. I'm trying to keep this as simple as I can.

Weeks 1-10: Test Cyp 250
Weeks 11-14 PCT: Nolva 20/20/10/10 and Clomid 50/50/50/50

Support supplements: green tea extract, ginko biloba, garlic, coQ10, multi, zinc, vit D, red yeast rice

My training has dc principals. There is the initial rest pause, then added forced reps on the last rest pause dramatically increasing volume and intensity. yes it is painful, and while it might not be seemingly clever to most, working this way put got me back into the game quick after my break, and him, an increase of 20 pounds, likely due to noob gains, however.

Monday - back and biceps
Tuesday - chest and triceps
Wednesday - off
Thursday - Legs
Friday - Shoulders

I'm very open minded to advice, suggestions, help, criticism.


250mgs a week? Sufficient for what?

Pretty weak, and it's only sufficient for sub par results.


I've read that 250mg weekly is sufficient for a first cycle.


Rule of thumb is usually 500mgs per week as a first cycle give or take some say 600mgs some say as low as 400mg. 250 you will definitly gain minimal results


You're right, it is sufficient, FOR BELOW AVERAGE RESULTS.

You could just as well make the argument that 50mgs a week is sufficient, if you weren't seeking any noticable difference or gains.

I'll defer to your obvious expertise though.


Okay, so 500mg a week it is. Do you think zinc, which is supposed to be strong enough naturally, will be a worthy AI?

I'm thinking injecting Friday and Tuesday of each week.


definately get some adex or aromasin.


Absolutely not regarding the zinc.


I went ahead and ordered liquidex. When and if bloat and sore nipple issues pop up, 1mg EOD will be my dosage.

I may actually wait one week after my last injection to start the clomid/nolva.

Since apparently now all issues with the cycle have been address and changed, I'm going to start a log and update the progress.

Thank you guys.