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Test Cyp 250 and Eq 250


Well guys i got my hands on some test cyp and equipose ,i must note that this is my first cycle i have 10ml vials of cyp and eq at 250mg, my question is will 250mg of cyp and eq be enough i would like to run eq at 600 and cyp at 400 but only have 2 vials of each , sincd it is my first cycle will i see results from such a low dose and is it possible to higher the dose but that would mean a shorter length cycle also i have clomid on hand for pct


EQ is typically ran for longer durations. Not to say you won’t benefit from it. But why don’t you cram all that into an 8 week cycle. Play it nice and safe your first go around. Or would it be possible to aquire more gear?.. Do you have Adex or Aromasin? Pct plan? Also just curious? What are your goals, age, lifting history, height weight, max lifts. These are always great things to add to your post when asking questions so we all have a good idea as to what direction to guide you.



Thanks ross for the quick reply i am 25 years old i weigh 190 also i am around 6 percent body fat and my height is 5 8 . do u think i should up my dosage to 400 for the cyp and eq and run a 8 week cycle or continue with my current dosage


Honesty man if that’s all you can get. And you only have enough for 400Test/400EQ for 8 weeks your going to be very disappointed. Your better off finding another retailer and stocking up for a well planned out cycle



assuming you are REALLY around 6%, with 190 lbs in 5’8’’, you are already big. You must be a NATURAL alien. First cycle? humm… no way it’s your first cycle or you are around 2x bf you said.

With 400 cyp and 400 EQ you’ll see only test cyp working

don’t forget to use some adex/ aromasin, your choice…

don’t forget PCT

and don’t lie about your status… kkk… 6%, 5’8’’, 190 hummmm…