Test Cyp 200mg x 2/week?

Hey guys.
I somehow am going to have an extra four vials of Test Cypionste 209mg. Since I planned to essentially do an older dude version of a cutting phase in January, (spending Feb on coast) does anyone see any harm/danger in doing an injection every four days until the extra vials are used? Let’s see, that would be two 200mg injections weekly X four weeks. Doesn’t seem excessive to me since it takes 200mg/week to keep me just above standard range. And hell, I’ve had a good body fat reduction from it as well. The ONLY thing I experience, and don’t have a clue if it’s T-related, is an inordinate amount of mental energy.

FTR I do not do ‘cycles’ and am not a muscled tank. I’m not even a heavy lifter. I’m a regular dude who once lifted heavy for years, long ago. Just a 53yo trying to stay healthy. If utilizing this Test overage helps with the beach bod effort then I’m all for it.

Here’s the plan:
Inject 200mg twice weekly.
Workouts: Full body, every other day. No more than 50% 1RM for working weights which, in my case, means light damn weights, and reps in the 8-15 range. This will include a minimum of ten mins cardio per workout and I think I’ll explore yoga a minute since my gym has it.

BTW, I’ve located the perfect gym (for me) in our area. I’ll not state the name. They have every free weight and machine imaginable, myriad classes, a frickin healthy food prep station where u can grab a snack or healthier foods for home. A sauna + steam room.
Plus they have a pullover machine like I’d not used since 1998. As I recall those are pretty damn good for lats.

So I have a part c supplement (I’m 53 dammit) that pays for a gym membership & it begins Jan 1, hence this plan beginning then.

We will be gone for five weeks from late Jan, and near a beach the whole time, so I’m gonna see how much fat I can cut and how toned I can get in 21 days, Jan 2-22, cause Jan 25 I’m wheels up BAYBEEEE!

The major issue is while I’m gone I’ll have no gym access, but, the area we stay has to be THE most walkable, laid back chilled everyone is nice City ever, so long walks and bodyweight movements will have to do for about 38 days then I’ll hit it hard again when the jet lag wears off.

Then why the fuck would you take extra amounts of steroids? For what?


to expedite fat loss. no more no less.
The “trying to stay healthy” is why I ask questions about these things. I’ve no idea if that is an exorbitant amount that a Mr Olympia trainee would be using or if it is, as I would suppose, a minumally increased dose.
If lean muscle happens to increase then awesome. But if i lose some with bodyfat, that is perfectly ok by me. Unlike the typical dude here I am fine with not being enormous. Been big, did that, was young, can’t now, not going to injure myself behaving like a 20 year old.
So yessir, for faster fat loss was really the only motivating factor for trying the slightly modified dose. I could do one every 11-12 days and it would still be slightly elevated, just seems easier to do every 5.

take care now

Steroids do not cause fat loss. Your diet and training do. Eat less. Exercise more and you’ll be fine.
Increasing test will only cause more possible issues.


testosterone doesn’t increase metabolism?

I do eat right but presently am lacking in exercise. That won’t be the case when (if) I tried this.
But TBH, if there is ANY risk involved, i don’t want to do it. There is no goal, esp a cpl lbs of fat loss, worth hurting myself. Thank you for the input here it has given me a lot to consider and a good reason to probably not do this.

There is risk involved when used PROPERLY. There’s definitely going to be risk involved when you abuse medication.

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No. Keep your eating in check and add cardio/weight training in.


no but apparently they aid in diet and exercise induced fat loss

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They aid in holding muscle mass when you are in calorie restriction. You admittingly are already over the high end of the normal range and don’t have exercise in check. What am i missing?

typically we think of receptors in terms of muscle.

what if there were also receptors in adipose.

what if aas interacted with those receptors as well.

not suggesting they are fat burners, but what if this interaction is a lever in metabolism.

I consider this to be a Blast and Cruise approach.

Blasting is better done during bulking phases, and cruising is better for cutting phases. Extra testosterone won’t do much for cutting down considering you’re already on TRT, but it would do more to build additional muscle (which won’t really happen in a deficit, a la cutting).

Save it for a bulk cycle if you must, but it makes NO sense to blast during a cut with just Test.

Dieting is the way to go.

As you already mentioned, you are an average dude who doesnt even train that much. There wont be much benefit to a bit more test. Everything you probably would like to get is doable on trt dose. Steroids dont work much on their own. They amplify what you do. If you cant lose weight now, what they will do is multiply your 0 gains, but multiplying a 0 is always a 0 at the end. Steroids work the best when you are getting good results NOW so those results on more steroids will be amazing.


Even if you were pushing hard, this isn’t going to do much for you. It isn’t long enough. You will just be evening out and starting to get benefits at 4 weeks.

I’d just cut on the TRT dose. Keep saving up the gear until you can do at least 8 weeks, and only do that if you are willing to train decently hard (before, during and after). Otherwise it just doesn’t make sense to do.

400 mg per week isn’t healthy.

Do you mean above 1000 ng/dl? If so, why?


Don’t see much harm. Also don’t see much benefit. If you are looking to lose weight taking extra test won’t do that. Esp for just a few weeks.

Save the test, start a raining day stockpile so when the zombies attack you’ll be able to out lift them, or at least out run them

It’s an interesting study, but we don’t know how many calories they ate (VLCD are usually 500 cal) and we don’t know how much test they took or what TT that took them to (we can assume they were below the upper threshold).

So they both lost weight but the TRT group lost less muscle. That’s a good thing. Would taking MORE test mean they lost LESS muscle still?

If the diet was a normal 500-750 cal deficit diet, would the results have been as dramatic? Would the muscle loss have evened out between the groups?

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All were welcome comments. Thanks!

I now believe it WOULD be a waste of T and my time to do this. Not enough X long enough. All I was really reaching for was anything to help my system drop BAT. Pretty much thought it might do the same as an old ECA stack before ephedrine got stopped.

But ok, I’ve read all these and they all make sense. The overwhelming feeling I now have is to just don’t waste it, use the prescribed dose.

All that said…—>
I have noticed fat burning faster with T, along with more energy. Both are welcome. I know damn well I need to get to it in the gym, and come 1/1 when I have access again I will. And it appears the original plan of a lightweight full body workout every other day is the plan. For now. Not January yet.

So ok, let’s throw in goals here. They are, in order of importance:

  1. Cut from 225 to 210 body weight
  2. Increase flexibility and balance
  3. Be reasonably stronger than average for a 53yo man my size
  4. Get even healthier
    Motivation: To be active while my wife and I travel the country, christening every flat surface possible :crazy_face:
    But seriously I want to fully enjoy our travels, which inevitably includes miles per day of walking, hiking etc. We go to new cities and get around on foot or transit so by default a lot of steps are needed.
    But like we were by the Griffith Observatiry by the Hollywood sign and I was hearing ppl talk about hiking up to it and it sounded fun as hell. That trip I averaged ~5 mi walking daily. I would have liked to moved faster and seen more was all.
    Then of course there’s carrying a bag as fast as one can move through a busy airport. A bag w/o wheels. Functional strength for middle age men 101 really.

The very last thing . (I’ve been married to my high school sweetie 33.5 yrs), is how I look naked. I of course care because that’s only right. But maybe she’d like more ripples and less jiggles. Dunno cause she’d never say so even if I were 600lbs

So there’s a list of 5 goals.
It seems my every other day full body plan would meet those mission parameters, Wattya all think?


Its not what matters.
Training itself is like 5-10% of the results, unless you are really trying to do bad. The amount of fat one loses, or muscle he gains, or how well he is feeling, its all diet. You can train as much as you want, but if the diet is wrong, you will get 0 results.
There are people on boatloads of steroids, who live in the gym, and are fat and/or have no muscle and strength. There are more people on tons of gear than people who actually look like they are. The difference is the diet. The food is the only thing that matters. As for your training, you can do pushups, bodyweight squats and jumping jacks for all i care - it really matters very little.

People obsess about training and planing it because its the easiest thing. Everyone can do something for 1 hour a day so its easier to believe that you can get results via that one hour. In reality the results are made with things you do outside the gym. Sleep, diet, hydration.