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Test Cycle


Hey guys just looking for some feedback. I have done lots of research on this so here is what I'm thinking of doing.

Front Load - 500 or 700mg First Shot
Week 1-8 Test-E 500mg Week

Week 10 Nolvadex 40 mg day
11 Nolvadex 20 mg day
12 Nolvadex 20 mg day
13 Nolvadex 10 mg day

I'm 24 years old 195 lbs have been lifting for about 5 or 6 years and I'm looking to step it up.

What do you think? Any help suggestions?


Nice one - make sure you use an AI like Anastrazole and you will be really happy with the results.


I'll just add that you should be starting PCT two weeks after your last shot of test E. You're probably planning on doing it correctly, but it seems that people typically write "test E weeks 1-8, PCT weeks 10-13", but in actuality it's usually going to be closer to weeks 11-14 for PCT.


Thanks guys, If gyno symptoms occur I'm thinking 20mg of Nolva a day untill the cycle is over then start with the
40 mg day
20 mg day
20 mg day
10 mg day

Like I would normal.

As for Arimidex run it from that start at .25mg?


Tamoxifen is better used for PCT only, rather than during the cycle.

Yeah 0.25mg would be a decent place to start as the low end of the range.

FWIW - with research chemical products i use around 0.75mg ED where for the same type of cycle 0.25mg ED will suffice from a proven powder source.

Interesting huh? :wink:


So you Tamo is better than Arimidex?

Wich are both diffent than stright Nolva? But do the same thing?



Someone needs to go back and read the SERM/AI sticky again...

But since so many people can't seem to find those elusive stickied threads, a simple google search of the three names will provide more than enough information and answer your question.




So. True.

If the research chem crap happens to work at all.


When should I kick in the Anastrozole? Right from the getgo or about 4 weeks in?


Better read sticky by devil dog...it will tell you the difference between tamoxifen (nolvadex...a SERM) and anastrozole (arimidex...an AI). Start taking the adex at least from the day of your first injection... it will give the adex time to stabilize in the blood by the time the test E starts kicking in.




So I have decided to run EQ along with this.

Few more quick questions

1-For the test frontload, Lets say I plan every 3 days so monday and thursday night. Should my frontload be on that monday and then thursday start with the 250 from there on out? Or front load a few days before monday?

2-I'm gonna do EQ for 8 or 10 weeks at 400. How do you recamend splitting between that and the test?


Why do you want to take a good thing and complicate it. Your cycle as it stood was great. Save the Eq for your next cycle. After you do more reading you may realize you don't even want it, and would prefer a different compound (that's what happened to me, as when I was doing my first cycle, I was planning on adding Eq into the next one, but to this day I never have). Also it's ester is ridiculously long, and I have the feeling you don't realize this nor the effect it will have on making your cycle more complicated.

Also, your spelling of the word "recommend" actually made me angry when I read it.


Rapid fire question,

Does the delay before the start of the PCT and the end of the cycle var depending on the ester used? I figure Propionate is very short, so I planned on starting the PCT 3-4 days after my last injection.

This post makes me wonder if I'm missing a link


Yes! (Though you're ok with the prop.) The longer the ester, the longer before you start PCT. PCT commences when levels of AAS have tailed off.

@Cortes - your comment cracked me up... it's been a long day so thanks for the laugh, intentional or not.


The aim is to start PCT when your hormone levels are no longer at suppressive amounts, so half life is the factor that you need to account for.

This is made up of ester length, drug metabolism and dose.


thanks for the input. You confirmed the logic I used.



Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. I'll be here all weekend :wink: