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Test Cycle Whilst on TRT?

Hi, firstly I’ve tried to find if this question has been posted already and can’t find it but if it has just let me know and I’ll delete this.
I’ve been on trt 150mg per week for 9 months now and feel great. Get blood work done every 3 months and all is good. Doctor has made it clear we could up the dosage to 200mg per week if I desired which has made me wonder:

What would see greater muscle gains in the gym, 200mg per week trt all year round or 150mg per week for 42 weeks a year and bumping it up to 400mg per week for 10 weeks once a year?

Over a 12 month period it equates to the same dosage just administered differently.
(I’m 39 and train weights 4 days a week)

Depends, are you interested in greater gains year round or greater gains for 10 weeks?

Year round, for example after 3 years what would produce greater gains, 200 mg per week year round or 150mg per week for 42 weeks and once a year (so a total of 3 cycles) upping it to 400mg per week for 10 weeks.?


Great, thanks for your help. Appreciated

lets say you did 200 year around rather than 150. in your opinion, would it be worth it to go to 400 once or twice for 12 weeks during the year? In other words, at the end of the year (or a few years) would the one person who did the above have better size gains than one who just did 200 year around? (all else being equal of course).

Yes. This is known as a blast. Lots of us cruisers do this.

I’m on 150 mg year round and I blast and cruise. I’m currently running 300 mg per week with 25 mg of dbol daily. To each his own.

So I’m on 150mg per week and my doctor says he’s happy to up it to 200mg. So I was wondering what would yield greater gains in the gym.

Scenario A: taking 200mg per week year round.

Scenario B: continuing taking 150mg per week and stock piling the extra 50mg prescribed per week. After 50 weeks I’d have enough to do 400mg for 10 weeks.

Would scenario B be a complete waste of time and I’d be better off just upping my dosage to 200mg per week year round?

If you don’t want to buy testosterone illegally then go with plan B.

What are you blood levels on 150 /week. If they are in the high range why up it?

Sorry, too many typos. I know more isn’t always better but feel it’s worth upping the dosage and seeing. Just wondered which of the 2 scenarios made more sense.

Bro. You dont have to play these games. Dial in your trt and if and when you decide to blast just get some ugl test and blast away.

If you have specific questions about your trt as far as staying at 150 or going to 200 then post up some bloodwork and we can advise you further

I agree with @alldayeveryday dial it in tight on 150 see where your bloods are at if your in the upper “normal” range keep it there then either pack rat your prescribed test or just place a order bro. Ordering steroids is like placing a order for pizza you tell them exactly what you want and they tell you a wide time frame of when it will be delivered.

Go advice, thanks man. I’m getting my blood work done in 2 weeks so will post then and I’m open to advice.

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what was your testo level on your last blood work?