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Test Cycle Switch to Eq?


Good day you hench bastards. I have recently started enhancing my workouts . I used Super Test 250 starting at 1 ml a week for 4 weeks then 1.5 for another 4 weeks , i stacked this with 40mg of anavar a day . I have now switched on my 9th week to EQ 200 taking 2 jabs a week. I plan to do this for 4 weeks with D~bol at 40mg a day. (I started my dbol at the beginning of my 8th week .

I’m wondering if i should of started a PCT on my 9th week when i switched as im now going to be getting less testosterone with the eq although i was told dbol contains testosterone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my first cycle have been training for 2 years prior to this and built a solid base . Since i started my DL went up by 30 kg and my bench by 20 . My squat by 30 and ohp by 15 . Currently weight 75 kg i was 71 before cycle. Feel strong as a bull haha and very little side effects. I have recently being feeling tired a bit more often but i have increased training .


Wrong forum. See Pharma.

This is testosterone replacement forum. Not gear and not BB.

But if you want to read:

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I don’t even know what to do with this nonsense… Part of me wants to help, but you’re SO far from understanding what you’re doing that I can’t. I just can’t. Maybe someone else will. This is bad.


This is bad… This is really bad… A shit cycle but zero knowledge about what you are doing… You need to research… and then research the stuff that you researched… And research that too… Then ask questions… Train Wreck.


One day when I’ve paid my dues and finally ready to cycle I am going to want some help on here but all the knowledgeable guys probably won’t even read my first cycle thread because of the amount of frustration each and every newby post each day


How tall are you? You started cycling at 155lbs


This is actually not true at all. Most of the guys on here are more than willing to help. People make mistakes by doing the following: Starting a shit cycle and asking for help after they are already into it, not posting any stats, not telling anything about their diet besides it is “good” or “perfect”, and then getting all shitty and in their feelings when people tell them something that they don’t really want to hear. People often ask for help without really putting in any effort, and then get all pissy when they are told something that hurts their poor little feelings.
Gear, diet, and training is all a game of numbers. People who speak generally won’t get the help that they need.

Guys also don’t want to help someone who isn’t putting in the effort and research to help themselves.
Take this advice and you’ll get all the help that you need…


My 2 cents take it or leave it. Don’t drop the test, also if you were going to run the EQ then do so. As a addition to not to replacement. And you really shouldn’t start with a non aromatizing oral then switch to one that does. Unless it was for a post contest rebound. And if your at a really high level in the sport. Makes no sense to hurt the liver more than you have to


Thanks. That’s encouraging. I have no set date for when I’ll start to cycle, or blast cruise for me since I’m on TRT, but I poke around and feel like I already know my share… not enough that I’d be comfortable cycling anytime soon but I know I’d ramp up my research if I knew I’d be cycling soon


Fuck sake . Should of definitely done more research rather than asking my gym members. Cheers for the advice anyway lol. I need to find some way off this gear without fucking it even further. Might just finish the last week of eq and dbol , wait 3 weeks and do a decent PCT . Or take up the piano and quit the gym . Drop an arpeggio on this bad boy.