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Test Cycle Questions

Alright guys

I’ve been keen on doing a test cyp only cycle now for some time. I have spent a long time researching different compounds etc but what I’d really like is a bit of feedback in reference to this cycle to make sure I’m on the right track. Done a few oral only cycles in the past but want to see how my body reacts to a test only cycle. I have put together the following:

Test cyp: 500 mg weeks 1-10 (front loading 1000 mg w1)
Pinned Sundays and wednesdays.

Aromasin: 12.5 mg ed until the beginning on PCT

Hcg: weeks 5-11 1000 iu per week split into 2 500 ius on pin days

PCT: 100/50/50/50 clomid
20/20/20/20 Nova

The reason for running the aromasin is that I have had puffy nips from a previous cycle and want to take precautions when it concerns gyno.obviously don’t want a flare up and I understand that a low dose of aromas in won’t affect gains. I am in two minds as to whether to take the hcg as I have read that it can amplify the effects of this. Has anyone had any issues or heard of this before?

Are there are any parts of this cycle which you think need tweeking? Any comments suggestions are greatly appreciated.

you cycle looks fine

What about the hcg? Is this cause for concern?

it’s a little high - 250iu twice or three times in a week is standard - but it’s ok.

Remember your PCT will start 2 weeks after your last pin

If you’re prone to gyno I would do 500iu a week of HCG. HCG will definitely increase your estrogen. I got acne flare ups when I started using it. Also Why not kick start your cycle with an oral like Dbol or something instead of 100mg of test? Youll see faster results through the oral than you would pinning 1000mg of a long ester for just one week. Just suggestions though, everything else looks fine. Ive always wanted to try aromasin myself, as ive read (I think) that it can increase IGF-1, to a certain extent.

Thanks for the replys. If its going to cause higher estrogen is it really worth me running it in the cycle? I mean it seems to me a case of shrunken balls or high estrogen problems. I suppose its different for everyone but I really want to avoid gyno altogether. Would it be worth upping the aromasin to 25 mg ed or throw 20 mg of Nova in there while on the hcg?

Yeh I read quite a lot on oral kickers. I’ve got some dbol left over which I could use instead of front loading 1000mgs. Just seemed easier to do then the latter, however if its a quicker response from orals then I’d happily go for that.

use the dbol and the frontload. Why not?

If you want you can do a 10 day blast of HCG at the end of your cycle…starting the day of your last shot. 500iu, or 1000iu every day for 10 days, stopping 3-4 days before PCT.

Would that lower the risk of gyno then? Not a bad idea if it does. If I chose to do a dbol kicker rather than a front load, how many weeks would I run it before stopping? I know test takes 3-4 weeks to kick in so would it be worth running it for 4 weeks? Also I’m guessing it would be sensible to still take the aromasin from day 1 as dbol is aromatised just as easily. Sorry if these questions seem tedious but I really want to cross th ts and dot the i’s before I start my cycle.

you don’t need to blast hCG if you’re running it at 250iu twice or thrice a week. It does raise your E but it shouldn’t matter much as long as you’re taking your AI like a good little boy.

Run the dbol for 4 weeks at 30-50mg a day. That’ll put some decent size and strength on you. Your test’ll kick in faster with the frontload but you’ll still be glad you included the dbol. Shit blows you up like crazy.

Definitely take your AI from day 1.