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Test Cycle Question


I am in my late twentys and am gonna start taking 300mg of test a week for 10 weeks. Never done a cycle before and was wondering about some side effects and what to expect in strength and muscle mass. With a dose this low will i need to do anything special to come off or would something like TRIBEX be enough? Thanks in advance!!


well if you know what your doing as far as training and nutrition goes, a simple cycle such as that could give you 15-20 lbs of muscle easy. there is a wide range of side effects and the answer is really a personal thing based upon what your susceptible to or not. and no dammit, TRIBEX is not enough for you to come off with. keep reading and reading and become more educated on the subject before taking the plunge, you will be glad you did



Anthony Roberts said it very well when he said, "If you are going to be a bear, be a grizzly." Meaning if you are going to do a cycle, do a meaningful one. 300mg per week will supress your natural test production just as much 100 or 1000mg. 300mg per week is not that much and according to Anthony 400mg per week is the baseline minimum for noticeable results. Read the newbie thread pinned at the top of the Steroids page and make sure you have some arimidex handy for during your cycle and get you pct planned for post cycle. Do some more research and post some more questions.


thanks for the advice....so you think that i should get some novadex to come off with? What about 6oxo?


You didn't specify what type of test you plan on (propionate, enthanate, cypionate), unless I missed it.
I would tell you to shoot for 500-750mg of test a week. Run an AI like anastrozole during the cycle (0.5mg ed-eod), and use nolvadex (20-30mg ed) and Alpha Male in conjunction for PCT.
But the timing of when to begin PCT is very important and all depends on the type of test ester you choose.
Another commonly repeated phrase around here is that real drugs (testosterone) require real drugs for PCT. So far you know nothing. Get some more information and get back to us.


Damn it! Less than 500 mg weekly would be a waste of my time and money.


A side question on test e. If someone ran a 12 week cycle and injected every 5th day is that a week or do you follow a 7-day week?

Inj mon & sat= 1 week?

This sounds kinda meaningless but over a 12 week period you could possibly lose 2 or more injections.


Every 3 or 4 days.