Test Cycle Option from Doctor

I have been over all previous threads and to be honest it is information overload.
I know you guys especially KSMAN know this topic inside and out.

I am 42, felt like shit 6 months ago. Morning test levels as well as evening test levels averaged between 105 and 140.
MRI of pituitary showed no tumor.
I am currently on 320 test cypionate every 2 weeks. I have had great results. Bedroom activity is like I was 20. I am losing fat, and gaining strength and muscle.

BUT, I complained that around day 10 to 12 I drop off signigicanly as far as attitude and sexual interest go.
I was given the option to cut my dose to 220 mg every 10 days.
Am I a fool for not taking this step?
Will I loose my strength/size gaining ability just so that I may feel more normal those last 3 to 4 days?

BTW. They said my Hemaglobin was upper normal at my last draw. I have not had any side effects, pimples, nada.
Any help is greatly appreciated before I start this new cycle.

The best thing to do is read the stickies. They were created to provide the info that you need and then we do not need to attempt to reinvent the wheel in each guys thread.

Start with “advice for new guys” and “protocol for injections”.

Most need to inject twice a week, or more often, to feel great. Do not expect doctors to understand. There is a sticky for finding a TRT doc as well.

Sorry to waste your time. I already read the stickies. I don’t mind taking my dosage and splitting to every 5 days either.
I am curious, since so much is bound to shbg at my age, injecting at a lower dosage has the same effect? And Why. To my test uneducated mind, it seems that the more per dose the better so that there is more FREE test.
I wont bother you again, and thanks for your wealth of knowledge and your time