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Test Cycle of Test Cyp and Test Prop

Ok so I am completely new here so please bare with me. I am starting TRT within the next couple weeks and the doc has prescribed me 200mg test cyp and 50mg test prop a week total of 250 mg of test a week for 15 weeks. Yes this also comes with all the post cycle stuff hcg and arimidex as well.

My bllod test showed me to have a total test level of 123.1 which from my research is very very low. So my question is what would be the best way to cycle this with what I have mentioned above to get the best bang for my buck??

This would be my first cycle in over 10 years, last time I cycled was when I was around 25yrs old and I am now 36. I then used if I remember correctly was test cyp and deca with out any post cycle meds which may be why my test levels are so low now?? not sure on that. Any way any info that could help or suggestions are all welcomed, I have thick skin so let it rip. if anyone wants to know this all cost $620 for compound grade.

I assume since you have a doctor involved you have had a blood text. You should post the results here.

That looks like an odd protocol. That is a lot of TRT for mere replacement therapy? As in almost twice what I am taking. But for a cycle it is a little low

Now read all the info in the stickies at the top of this forum.

I don’t think another cycle is right for you. You’ll end up worse than before. Either go on TRT for life with a real doctor (and hopefully insurance) or don’t do it at all.

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I will post some of the results when i get a chance but i do know the test part showed 123.1 out of the labs range of 335 -1150 which i guess my levels are co sidered very low. Yes he said this would be a higher dosage then most due to my low levels

This will be for life but he still wants me cycle on and off and during off cycles check test levels to see how they are doing and also donate blood once a year cuz that helps keep blood clots from forming

Your doc seems to be an idiot. We see many Dr. Idiot MD’s

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Suggest that you self-inject T cyp only twice a week, then you do not need multiple esters.

Post all pre-TRT labs with ranges. There is often more at stake than low total testosterone, little things such as diagnosis. Low-T can be the symptom and not the disease.

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Here is the labs results
T4,free (direct) 1.09 ng/dl.
Tsh. 3.106
Thyroidothyroine free serum 3.2
All my cbc stuff was good
Glucose serum 103. A tad high
Bun 26. A tad high
Bun/creatinine ratio 25 again a tad high
Calcium etc all within normal range
My lipid panel with ldl/hdl ratio shows
Cholesterol total 196
Triglycerides. 152. Again a bit high
Hdl cholesterol 46
Ldl/hdl cholesterol calc. 120 high

My total test , ls/ms. 123.1 very low compared to their range of levels

The funny thing is from everything i have read about the only symptoms i have that may show signs of low t is i can get tired alot but sex life etc is fine so i was very suprised to see my test level so low. Honestly from what ive read i feel i fall mote in the high estrogen level which fits more of my symptoms then low t could that contribute to my low t level if i have high estrogen instead ? Im thinking of getting a test done for that next

Your dose is much higher than mine and my level was 95. Lower than yous. I take 80ml twice a week. Bringing my total testosteron level into the mid 850 to 900 range. So you can see why from my perspective I see you taking 250 a week as a wee bit crazy as a starting point.

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With the 80 twice a week your test went from 95 up to 800 range. How long did it take for it to start climbing up to those levels and how long should i wait until taking another bllod test to see where my levels are at once started on the trt?

You can edit your lab results to include lab ranges, we need those. Find the edit button at bottom of that post.

CBC is good: -please provide
Hematocrit [HTC]

Were you fasting for those labs?

TSH is way too high, should be nearer to 1.0
Thyroid labs are too wide and quite useless

TSH could be high because you have not been using iodized salt and/or vitamins listing iodine+selenium.

Are your outer eyebrows sparse?
Feeling cold easier than you used to?

Please check overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basis sticky.

It seems that most of the guys who come to this forum also have some thyroid/iodine issues.

Your fT3=3.2 should support good body temperatures. If body temperatures are then low you need to examine how stress and major stress events may have affected your adrenals.

BTW, I have never seen a doctor ask about iodine, simply not on the radar even though iodine deficiencies are becoming more and more common.

I have a quick question as well out of curiosity does arimidex help lower estrogen levels if you already have a high level or does it only help the test from turning into estrogen ? Basically what does one use to lower his estrogen levels even if they do not use trt ?

what should i ask for when getting a thyroid test done ive been checking my temps and they are always at 96.4 and during the day they actually go down to 94 instead of up

Arimidex/anastrozole is a competitive drug that interferes with testosterone aromatization T–>E2. So production is reduced. Liver removes E2 from blood, no drug can do that.

If a guy is not on TRT, 0,5mg anastrozole can be useful in some cases.

Thyroid labs:
rT3 <<<-----

See the thyroid basics sticky for references to:
adrenal fatigue
Wilson’s book

Do this!
Are your outer eyebrows sparse?
Feeling cold easier than you used to?

No eye brow spruce and i never feel cold unless i got the ac running to long lol but i do have the dry skin (goin to dermatologist for next week) weight gain tired and no energy sometimes some of symptoms that i though may
Be from low t but as you said before low t could be caused due to my thyroid having issues. I have a drs appt next week so i am going to ask about getting tested after all the reading i am starting to think either my low t is due to thyroid issues or high estrogen levels maybe both if that is possible. I dnt think my low t is just due to low t and i would prefer to fix the issue at the source instead of using band aids such as trt if its not going to fix everything plus its pricey to pay and not fix everything. Thank
You for all your input once i get back from drs app next week ill let yall know what was said. More to
Come thanks again and any suggestions on anything is always welcomed from me

Couldn’t tell you exactly how long it took. My next test was at 8 weeks and that’s where it was. If I were to go by the symptoms I would say I achieved that level in less than 2 weeks

Both low T and low thyroid can contribute to dry skin. Its not the skin that is the root problem.