Test Cycle Ideas?

Ok after research i think i’m gonna be doing a test e and anavar cycle. I know on my last post i was looking at eq but after researching further into it, it doesn’t seem worth it for me yet. Eq being extremely expensive and taking such a long time to “kick in” would it be a better idea to run var?
I’m stuck between deciding if var is worth it or not. if i were to run it the cycle would look like this.
Weeks 1-16 Test E 500/wk
Weeks 10-16 Anavar 350mg/wk so a 50mg tab a day
Pct Weeks 19-22 Nolva 40/40/20/20

if anyone has any experience running a similar cycle let me know. i don’t necessarily need to run the var but if it yields good results and fits well in this cycle than i would.

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