Test Cycle: Does Injection Day Matter?

Hey Guys,
New to this site but love the info you provide. This is going to be my first cycle and I am planning on doing Super Test 300. I will be doing 510mg a week for about 11 weeks. Not sure if it will make a difference but I plan on injecting on Fridays as this is when I am alone at home. The other days there is more foot traffic and allot less privacy. Question is, will the day (being Friday) matter when I inject? I just want to benefit the most from this cycle.

I work out Mon-Fri and sometimes Sat.

Thanks guys!

Since you’re only injecting once a week, I assume it’s a long ester.

In which case, no, it won’t make a difference.

It takes a while to buildup in your system and levels stay elevated for a long time.

Even the longest esters require 2X/week injections to maintain stable levels. Do this and the days should not matter.