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Test Cycle Critique

So starting a cycle of teste and anavar, looking to get some insight onto what I may have missed or miss-calculated.

stats are:
25 y.o.
normal bp, etc

So far looking like this

Test Enethate 500
2-250mg injections twice a week, 10 weeks
arimidex .5mg eod, all 10 weeks
anavar 50mg ed weeks 5-12

pct starting 14 days after last test e pin
nolva and clomid at 40/40/20/20 and 100/100/50/50 respectively

diet will look like:
meal 1: 5am
2 scoops whey

meal 2: 10am
6 eggs

meal 3:12pm
8oz chicken or fish
1 cup brown rice
1 cup veg

meal 4:2pm
same as 3

meal 5:4pm
same as 3

Meal 6: post workout 11pm
2 scoop whey
1 scoop creatine
d-aspartic acid
fish oil
milk thistle
super greens

roughly 2600 cal 170c/55f/340p

anything i’m missing? or should adjust? hoping to put on some good size and strength without too much fluff.

You’re too fat to run gear. Get to 12% and try again.

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Agreed with Myth.

Sort your diet and training our first.

Then cycle looks good.

Add in HCG to cycle.

Drop Chlomid from PCT - Too much.

I’d recommend you drop the anavar as well and just run test.

I’m curious as to where you guys got 12% being a necessity? If I’m not planning on getting in to single digit body fat and am more so looking to increase my level of strength and size for the sport I compete in why would being at a slightly higher bf% have any bearing on running a cycle?

I assumed, with your diet being very “bodybuilder” like that you were wanting to get big, strong and lean…

If you were a strongman or power lifter of some description you wouldn’t be going the whole morning without any carbs…but hey that’s just me.

You do not need to be lean to use gear, but if your goals are physique based then achieving a decent level of size naturally whilst being relatively lean is an indication that your diet and training is on track before taking steroids…

If your goals are not physique based and are strength based then sure, jump on the juice regardless.

Obviously, using steroids and having high BF also brings with it more health issues.

The most anabolic ingredient in any strength program is food. If you can’t eat right without steroids (above 12-15 percent bodyfat), taking them is going to be a waste. Oh sure, they’ll make a difference, but it’s not going to be as useful as you would think. In a week, you’ll be back on here claiming you gained seven pounds in the first week (it will be water), and in three weeks, you’ll be wondering if your gear is bunk because all the weight you have gained is water and your ankles are swelling and you’re all bitchy because your E is too high because your body fat is too high and you’re converting T to E.

Recomping might be a viable option, but it’s very hard to do. But, again, a bit of a waste in my opinion. You should use juice to grow, not cut, unless you are trying to get down to contest shape. Cutting without juice is easy, growing without isn’t.

Remember, opinions are like assholes; Everbody’s got one and they all stink…including mine.

Why? Anavar is awesome. I have yet to run a test cycle without an oral added.

Also, I disagree that being above 15% bf makes a cycle a waste. There are A TON of athletes, particularly strength athletes, who benefit greatly from steroids and carry much higher bodyfat than that.

Now that being said, it would obviously be healthier to drop a few % bodyfat first, but as of now you’re low enough that, if you diet well on the cycle, you’ll end up 15% or lower anyway. Just don’t go crazy on the food and GAIN fat while on cycle. That would be an issue.

I suggested dropping the anavar to see how he responds to just test, but having it in week five through twelve mitigates this. It only gives the OP four weeks to respond to test, but would probably be alright. And, for strength athletes, like powerlifters, I agree. I think that points out what is missing in the OP, what his goals are. Probably should have asked that question first.

I compete in powerlifting. Never had any asparations to get into bodybuilding. Goals are just to progress faster in strength than I would at a natural progression rate. I’ve ran a test cycle before by itsself maybe 5 or 6 years ago and kept roughly 8lbs after all was said and done but didn’t experience any crazy amounts of strength or size gain. During cycle or after. Var, I heard, is great at increasing strength then just test alone.

Well then yeh sure if your area is powerlifting then bf % isn really a concern to a degree…

I would be eating more than a shake and 6 eggs in the morning though! :wink:

I don’t know how good you are at powerlifting yet, or what bodyweight you eventually want to be competing at, but I would definitely consider making an effort at dropping bodyfat if you want to be elite or better. In the weight classes under about 240, it’s really difficult to get to a high level carrying that much bodyfat.

If you don’t care about your numbers within a given weight class, then disregard that, lol. But I’m very lean, and I’m barely at an elite level in the 198 class. I’m assuming you compete in the 220 class, and you’re not carrying any more muscle than I am.

Also, in regards to dosing the var should I split up the dose or all at once? And when should the milk thistle be ingested, and how many MG?

I would dose it once. It’s active in your system long enough that you don’t need to dose more often.

Do whatever you want with the milk thistle. It’s not gonna make a difference. It’s a pretty poor supplement for steroid support. Honestly, at the doses you’re running, I wouldn’t use a liver supp at all, but if using milk thistle makes you feel better about things, just run it according to the label.