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Test Cycle at 17, What's The Worst That Could Happen?

I’m currently 16 years old and plan on taking sarms within the next one or two months 100%.

I’m not a beginner and I often get compliments on my physique. The physique I’m trying to achieve is no where near natural and I don’t think sarms will be enough to get there so could I start using real gear at 17 after a few cycles of sarms?

I seem well developed for my age, 5”10, wide shoulders. A bit of facial hair.

What’s the worst that could happen if I take 500mg of test a week and do a proper pct? There are many people my age who take steroids nowadays and they are fine.

I’m getting my bloods tested in a week, could I ask the doctor about this or would they tell my parents?

The worst would be pretty bad TBH. What likely would happen is a different story. You may have reduced testosterone levels and sperm levels (can cause infertility) going forward. These would be some of the more likely impacts.

Ultimately, the long game is what you want to do in regards to physical development.

Someone who need steroids to make newbie gains, will need a lot of steroids to make intermediate and advanced gains. It is the best to wait until you are at least nearing advanced, and at 17, you are not there.

Details? Gym PRs, height/weight/general bodyfat?


There are not many, there are some and they’re outliers that danced between raindrops based on the genetic lottery. It might seem like “many” based on what you see on social media, but it really isn’t.

The worst that can happen is that you spend, literally, the rest of your life on medication to play catch-up correcting problems that started from using anabolics too young. You’re welcome to post in those guys’ threads above for their input. AAS can also affect brain development as well as physiology, so there’s that.

Talking to your doctor about your plans is probably the best idea right now.


You are a beginner. Even if you have been benching plates sense you were 12 you are still a beginner. A few years in the gym and some nice lifts doesn’t make you an advanced lifter.

Don’t do sarms

Don’t use gear until your a bit older.

There are many people your age who do a lot of really dumb shit and end up ok that doesn’t make it a good idea and doesn’t mean you will fair the same.


Physically, maybe. Mentally? Nope.

Hey man, I’m 19 rn I’m on TRT. I was 16 when I cycled for the first time, too. A couple experienced guys told me the same stuff they’re telling you rn, “don’t do it” and “just focus on diet and nutrition” but it sucks hearing that cause you want to get huge and so you don’t listen and u start cycling. I know you’re gonna do what you want no matter what your told, like I did, but you really should take a step back and consider what these guys are saying. I’m not sure how knowledgeable you are about steroids but I went in thinking it was just cookie cutter shit, if you inject this and take this and then PCT, you’ll be fine. But it’s not, ESPECIALLY for young guys like us. There’s a reason why guys say not to juice until your like 25 or however old it is, your body is still developing. Disrupting the hormonal balance in your teens could take years to recover from, if you ever can. The side effects you read about online are real bro. When I cycled off, I literally turned into an 80 year old man. I’m talking erectile dysfunction at age 17. And I didn’t know what I was doing and I lost most of the muscle. It spiraled into pretty much steroid addiction where I would cycle off for as minimal time as possible, then hop back on just so I could dodge how shitty it felt to be off cycle. It’s been almost a year since I’ve stopped my steroid use and I’m still trying to recover fully. My first semester of college at one of the best party schools in the USA, I had to worry about dumb shit like “will I even get a boner to fuck this girl?”. (I faced a lot of side effects but sexual dysfunction at this age is BY FAR the worst one). I’ll be on TRT for the rest of my life because of steroids too (totals about $1k a year all out of pocket).

My best advice for you: save the steroids for down the road. That includes the legal stuff too like SARMs and prohormones. I’d even recommend avoiding the testosterone boosters they sell OTC. After going on TRT, I’ve learned that the body has a very delicate hormonal balance, especially at your age, and disrupting in any way can be disastrous. Just wait until your completely done with puberty and brain development
unless your okay with going down the same hellish road that I had to. After your body is completely developed, steroids are very safe if used correctly. But while your body is developing, steroids will cause some serious problems.

If you take one thing from this:
By taking steroids at this age, you’re gambling with your sex life for who knows how long. Trust me, the girls get hornier and hornier as you approach 18, 19, 20 years old. You don’t wanna miss out on the golden days of your life because of a mistake you made when you were 16.


Alright then, thanks for helping. I’ll see if I still want to do this when I’m 18 and come back here then. I am still going to use sarms as they don’t cause shutdown.

Yes they do. They are highly suppressive and total shutdown, while less likely, is dose and time dependent. Whoever told you otherwise is an idiot and you should never listen to them about anything ever again.


… or hang around and get training/diet advice from experienced lifters and top coaches who can make sure you see badass progress in over the next 3, 12, and 24 months.

Not for nothing, but the hormonal difference between a 17 year old and an 18 year old is negligible when it comes to gear. You’ll come back for cycle advice at 18, get told basically the same stuff by probably the same people… and then what?

You’re going to do what you want to do and I feel like you already locked into that decision no matter what advice was posted. The fact that you’re dead-set on using as soon as possible makes the thread kinda moot. Skipping over the details about your actual stats is also a giant red flag, but what do we know?

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SARMs actually sound worse than steroids, similar side effects and less results. Just lift weights and eat food, drugs are not worth it, especially at your age when your natural test level is at the highest it will ever be.

Not true at all, SARMS can be. very suppressive and honestly may very well do more types of damage than a test cycle would, neither are appropriate at your age. 27 year old on TRT here . More than likely my low numbers came from cycles run at a young age.

Im pretty sure your doctor would give you good advice thats consistent with what people are saying here.

When I was your age I knew it all and everyone older who tried to give me advice I just wrote them off as being old fashioned and stupid including my dad. Every big mistake I made in my life happened between the ages of 16-22. It’s amazing how smart everyone got by the time I hit 25.

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The dose and cycle length I’ll be doing is most recommended and there are many logs with blood work that show that testosterone was only suppressed and was back to normal around 4 weeks without any pct.

LGD 4033 5mg 8weeks

Says who? Scammy people peddling SARMS?

Everything they said makes sense at 25, it really pisses me off when my dad looks at me and says “I told you so” and I have nothing to say because I know he’s right.


Testosterone goes back to normal after the cycle. Something with LH or FSH not being affected by sarms.

Nonsmoking, healthy men, 21–50 years, with body mass index between 18 and 32 kg/m2, who were capable of providing informed consent, were eligible.

You are a child.


Prime example of someone reading a study and only seeing what they want.

That was a 21 day study of super low doses. 1mg and less.

Thats like saying if you take 2mg of winstrol for 21 days you won’t be majorly suppressed and probably won’t need pct

People normally cycle lgd at 25-50mg day for 8+ weeks. I promise you at that rate you will be majorly suppressed just as much as using steroids and will need a pct.

Using 1mg a day for 21 days won’t suppress you much and you also wont see any results

Stop reading studys if you dont know how to properly interpret them.

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25-50mg lol I’ve never seen a log that was taking that much most I seen was 15mg. I’ll only be taking 5mg.