Test Cycle and PCT Questions

Oo o ok, so first off iam new to this forum and to injectables steroids . I have been reading and researching all i can and have been on other forums.
Stats/back story :
6’1 270 lbs 17% bdf 42 years old
I am doing a 4 day split
My diet is clean 6oz of chicken, fish or turkey 6-7meals a day with 50g of carbs or less daily…
2010 i made a choice for the better. i was 410lbs 49% bdf.

What i am looking to do is either test e or test prop.
Looking to gain lean muscle an burn fat. I am not able tp afford a stack and with this being my first time i would rather not make it complicated.
Leaning towards prop for eight weeks what dose is recommended iam thinking 350-375 mgs a week…

Now the pct is were I am all confused…
So i have read that using clomid an Novadex in pct.
Clomid 50mgs for 4 weeks
Novadex 20 - 40mgs for weeks
So i am off based here??

Gyno prevention thoughts…
I have heard running Novadex throughout cycle? What mgs ? How many times a week?
I plan to get Arimadex to use if needed.
Thanks for reading and i welcome all advice… I believe you don’t know unless you ask…

get some Arimidex for during cycle. Nolva and Clomid are for after. Read the stickys.

I went with test cyp 250 at 500mg a week for 12 weeks for my first last year and made good gains. Do your research first it pays off trust me. Also its just an opinion but you might raise the carbs.

Ok. On the Novadex what should i run? Do i run the Arimadex or just have on hand incase of a problem? I dont see there being and i have run pro hormones in the past at a very heavy dose and stacked.

The advice on Arimidex varies. Some will say to start right away from .25 EOD to .5ED. Some will say just keep it on had in case side show up. I vote for start at low end does right away, and increase if needed.

Nolv is for after (PCT) I to use week 1 & 2 @ 40mg, and week 3 & 4 @ 20mg. But I will note everybody responses different. The only way to know for sure is to do blood work. However there are some ways to monitor (guess work) how you’re reacting through morning wood, libido, gyno, energy, mood, etc.

You have 50g carbs all day, or 50g per meal. Carb cycling may be an option for you. (clean carbs only)