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Test Cycle 500/Wk, 12 weeks


I an thinking about starting a test cycle..prob 500wk x 12 weeks
Here is my dilemma........
5'7" 287lbs......16 weeks ago
5'7" 223lbs......today.....So I lost 65lbs ..using phentermine and eating very little....too little...before I get a ton of loose skin and look drawn...I would like to build some muscle..
My thoughts are if more muscle raises bodys ability to burn fat....why not kill two birds with one stone...build muscle and burn fat..

So if I still have 40lbs of fat to loose...(180) is my goal
what do you think the results if doing 12 week bulking cycle would be?
assuming I eat 100% clean and train 100% with a dedicated experienced trainer?
can I expect to remain around 220lbs with much less fat and more muscle?

or would I end up around 250lbs with a lil more fat and mostly extra muscle and water?
i really dont want to pack fat on at all....
Ideally 12 weeks test...220lbs with lower body fat (36% right now)
12 week cutting dropping to 190ish with some muscle development...

Im committed 110% to this and will do something about it...


Besides using phentermine and "eating very little", did you exercise? Do you have any experience training with weights? IMO you should eat clean 100% and train 100%, and see what you get from that.