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Test Cycle 300 + Dbol

I’m 13 weeks into a test cycle doing 2ml a week and also do 4 weeks of 30mg of dbol to kick start, would carrying on to 16 weeks be okay or should I have stopped at 12?

Going past 12 weeks gives you AIDS. Everyone knows this. Man, these new guys need to do more research.

You’ll be fine. Probably. Another four weeks on shouldn’t be a big deal for most guys. Plenty of cycles range 16-20 weeks for some compounds, so your body can be in that enhanced state and still recover most of the time. Just make sure your pct is well planned and don’t be afraid to get blood work done to confirm. When you get it done just make sure to tell them you got AIDS from running a longer cycle though. Safety of the phlebotomist is important.

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I don’t know how others determine when to stop there cycle but I use my HCT
That’s the percent of redblood cell by volume in your blood.
Anything over 52% is getting on the bad or dangerous side. You can donate blood to keep this percent down until you crash your ferritin hopefully you will stop donating just before that happens. If your ferritin gets below 50 its time to start your PCT or for me its just go back to my TRT dose.
So bottomline cycle until your blood gets too thick and you can do nothing about it because one more blood donation will crash your ferritin. It’s really is that simple you can control your E2 and prolactin with micro doses of anastrozole.