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Test Cream...

Ok I know where to get the injectible kind if I wanted, what I was wondering is do some of the good sites online also sell the creams?

I’ve looked around a few sites and didn’t find it, any suggestion?

I am on HRT Androgel and I also am doing a cycle of injectable anabolics as well. My reason for telling you this is that the gels/creams really don’t pack much of a punch, so to say. You would have to dip your whole body in cream to get much of an anaobolic effect. You definitely get more bang for your buck with injectables…
I hope this helps, Tim

if the cream/gel is made up right, you can get 30-40% absorption. but i don’t know any on the market that achieve this.

hormone concentration is usually 50mg/mL for max absorption. so about 3 mL twice a day. problem may be skin irritation and transfer to females through contact.

[quote]InTheZone wrote:
Why haven’t these Underground Labs/ online roid places started selling this shit? Surely there would be a market for it. IE: people not wanting to inject…[/quote]

I doubt it.

Did not like it. Not as effective for me.

The best gel out is Testim,if you can find it buy and then tell us where to find it.I saw it for sale a couple weeks ago but cant find it now.

[quote]WOLF138 wrote:
Did not like it. Not as effective for me.

Did you get it from a HRT clinic?

yes I did. It was not as effective as I had hoped.