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Test Cream?


i have a chance to get my hands on test cream from a friends prescription, is it as effective as injections? can i stack it with oral winny? very curious. and if it is, how would the dosing be like? i am not looking to gain mass i am looking to lean out more

any info would be greatly appreciated.


It's largely useless except as an adjunct to something else, as it suppresses natural t-levels while not increasing them particularly.

I do use it as part of T-replacement to avoid 2 shots a week, so it's a Sunday shot of 250mg cyp then cream Thursday, Friday, Saturday to avoid the "dip" --- all in conjunction with Hcg and Armidex. I stay at around 1300 t-levels, which is just where I (and my wife) likes it.


alright i was just curious, because all i could get my hands on is the cream at the moment. i have fina, winny and clen in my room and was thinking about running those 3 without test to harden up, not sure if i should.


also have adex, nolva, clomid and ephedra ( i was gunna start with ECA first then switch out to clen /yohimbe with in the last 2 weeks of the cycle)


It's pretty clear you have no idea what you are doing.

Stay off all the drugs. Go do a bunch of interval training. 3X a week and 3X weight lifting.

Clean up your diet. Get down right skinny --- and at the END of your cutting adding in ECA for the last 2 weeks and last 8 lbs.

Go relax for a week.

THEN add about 500 mg test of whatever kind you have a week. Not cream. Again, at best, cream is part of TRT for later in the week if you don't feel like pinning 2X week.

Use adex and Hcg DURING cycle. 1/2 pill per 100mg spread out. Hcg two little diabetic shots of 250 iu during the cycle per week.

If you get nipply, add the novladex and maybe smear some cream all over your chest, just because you happen to have it.

Do normal PCT. Clomid to restart your system.