Test Cream, SC or IM

Which route of administration has the least affect on RBC and HCT and also least likely to cause hair loss. Since I have sleep apnea high RBC’s are a concern.

IM seems to be the least troublesome. Subq leads to pips with some, and cream has its own issues and benefits. IM scares guys, that think they have to harpoon their ass. Cream increases dht and that could lead to MPB. Subq seems to give good numbers but very little results with some. I mean, if youre gonna stick yourself, start with IM and then see what your labs result in. Then switch to Subq and if you feel like crap, go back. I started with IM and I dont need to mess around with what I feel is awesomeness

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I started on IM 200mg once a week pretty much standard for most Dr’s here. After about 8 weeks I figured out I need to reduce 150mg which really seemed like a perfect balance for me feeling vs low to no side affects. I had a lot of water retention at 200mg and 150mg it went away.

Be warned, at around 3-4 weeks I shedded hair as my hormones adjusted. It freaked me out a little honestly, but it stopped and grew back within month or two. I started using Nizoral shampoo twice a day with a conditioner also.

I came to the point I knew I needed to do twice or more a week injections to balance out hormones better through the week. I hated the injections even after months still had to chase myself down to stick myself LOL

Point , I switched to cream about a month back. I like the feeling I have on it even after a month of use still feel awesome no let downs. Application is very easy 5 minutes twice a day and results are fast and consistent day to day for me.

I have better more consistent libido on cream, with IM it seems to be vary day to day more. I also just feeling better day to day overall maybe day application and balanced hormones. I’m sure IM several days a week would do similar.

The only thing with cream I’m still wondering is body composition enhancement. Like most folks I started TRT because I felt horrible day after day for a year before I found out I had low T. After a few months of injections, working out, eating better and just enjoying life better I really was in awesome shape body comp wise a extra bonus.

With cream I’m not sure what to expect there hopefully it stays the same with time seems like T level matching both should be similar. I’ve labs have been “high normal” 1000/1100 at near peak so 800 to 1100 T at all times with twice a day application. Just feel awesome overall right here and low to no side affects.

Thanks for the great feedback. Where do you apply the cream? I know everyone is different but what is your dosing regimen on cream?

I apply both to scrotum prefer after a shower seems to soak in fast then. So far it’s not been a big deal overall, really maybe alittle more effort than once or twice a week injections. That said I don’t have any sore injection sites anymore so it’s a trade off.

If your a run and gun person on the move all the time injections maybe a better fit. I’m pretty regular schedule wise and a few hours here and there on application time isn’t the end of the world. Morning is easy it’s the evening that’s the wild card for me. Maybe 7pm one night , 9pm the next.