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Test Comp & Nandro Cycle


Hi, planning next cycle. Just wanted some views, thoughts and recommendations.

Age: 32
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 lbs

Training for 15 years +, but really taken it up a level the last few. First cycle was pure Sust 250 and D'bol. Got very good return and kept most pct. Diet is about perfect, hardly any cheat days ever. Very low body fat and solid muscle tone. Hitting min 250-300 g's protein.

Looking to bulk with next cycle before leaning out after pct.


Wk 1 - 12: Test Comp - 750 mg - Pin Sun, Tues, Thurs

Wk 1 - 3: Nandro 250 (deca) - 250mg - Pin Sun
Wk 4 - 9: Nandro 250 (deca) - 500mg - Pin Sun & Thurs (so 5 weeks at 500mg and 5 at 250mg)
Wk 9 - 10: Nandro 250 (deca) - 250mg - Pin Sun

Wk 1 - 4: D'Bol - 40mg per day

Wk 1- 12: Armidex - 0.5mg EOD (susceptible to gyno)


Wk 15 - 19: Clomid 50mg ED
Wk 15 - 19: Nolva 20 mg ED (low as used an AI while on)
Wk 15 - 19: HCG - 150 ius - Pin Sun & Thurs
*Also take a daily Vit C supplement

Wanted to see about adding in an over the counter Test boost after finished PCT like Viridex XT to ensure no crash and body keeps high natural levels. Thoughts?

Welcome any constructive feedback and thoughts.



What is your reasoning behind the Deca dosages? And HCG is to be used on cycle, not during PCT since it is suppressive.


The Deca is Nandro 250. So each ml is 250, so was doing 2 ml a week. I figured this was the right amount and level?


Why the changes in dosage 4 weeks in?


I only have 15 ml and wanted to run it for 10 weeks as you should with a Deca. So have the deca starting to work as slow acting, during wk 1-4 and then riase it to 2 ml a week for 5 weeks. And then back down. if i had more i would run at 500mg/2ml for the whole 10 weeks.



As a 32 year old, you should be prepared, at the least, to need TRT after using nandrolone. Im not saying you will not recover, but it's a real possibility.

I dont think your cycle plan is good, at all.


Bonez, from what your saying the side on Nandrolone are strong enough to need test replacement therapy? Why, to get things started again? What would be better, drop the doseage of nandro or run a different PCT?

Whats missing/wrong with cycle?


No, Im saying that using nandrolone makes recovery quite a bit more difficult for many people compared to every other steroid I can think of. Regardless of PCT.

It is also widely accepted that recovery becomes more difficult as a man ages. 32 isnt exactly young in terms of steroid cycling.

Nadrolone is a good drug for people who stay on all year round. Not a good drug for those attempting to restore natural HPTA function. My opinion.

In any event, you should look into having a dopamine agonist in case your prolactin level rises. You should do more research on this.


Thanks for the heads up! Will get hold of some Dostinex before starting and will run it through cycle and PCT at .5mg twice a week. I will also ensure i get a blood test during to keep checks on things.

Appreciate the feedback. With this does it look more in line?


On your recommendations have reworked the cycle a little:

Wk 1 - 12: Test Comp - 750 mg - Pin Sun, Tues, Thurs

Wk 1 - 10: Nandro Deca - 375 mg Pin Sun & Thurs

Wk 1 - 4: Turnabol - 30mg ED

Wk 1- 12: Armidex - 0.5mg EOD

Wk 1-19: Cabergoline - .5 mg EW (.25 twice a week)


Wk 15 - 17: Clomid 50mg ED
Wk 17 - 19: Comid 20mg ED
Wk 15 - 19: Nolva 20 mg ED
*Also take a daily Vit C supplement

Will get blood done around wk 6 and then after PCT also just to check on Prolactin.

Does this look more in line?