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Test Comp 250 Cycle Advice


Hi there, I am a new user to the forums looking for some advice on a Test Comp 250 cycle i plan to commence shortly. I have had a read through FuriousGearge's thread and it has some great info and as this is my second cycle i would like to get some good advice from more experienced members then myself here.

I plan to pin 250mg a week for 10 weeks for starters, so i would like advice on a PCT and any supps i should take during the cycle period.

My body stats are 5'11 - 74kg with lean body fat.

My apologies if i posted this twice! my pc crashed during my first post so i had to start again.



this is your second cycle and you're only using 250 mg of test a week?

a basic web search would yield some info on PCT for ya...



Yea this will be my second cycle, it's been about 5 months since the first one though. I was planning to do another 2 cycles in total, the first one starting at 250mg a week for 10 and the second one at 500mg for 10weeks.

Do you think 250mg is not enough for my second cycle? i didnt really understand what i was doing fully the first time even though the results were good i want to make sure i minimize any side effects this time which were minimal during the first cycle but i did have some.


After reading through your links, if i choose to use toremifene for my PCT and Aromasin for my AI, what should my dosages be based on my intended cycle plan?


you can run Tore at 60 mg/day.

the AI (aromasin, in this case) varies a lot from person to person.... it's pretty common to run 12.5 mg/day on cycle, however, some guys need to bump it up to 25 mg/day....


well, it depends on the goal of your cycle... also, what was the dose of your first cycle?


For my first cycle i pinned 500mg a week of sust 250 for 8 weeks. I'm going to be using unigen TC 250 this time and wanted to start off low on the dose and build it up to 500mg for the second cycle. Im not a body builder, just a martial artist looking to build lightly on the strength/bulk i already have. Thanks for dosage advice by the way! i really want to do this the right way this time.