Test Clen Winny

planning on starting a short cycle before camp next fall. Im 25 6’1 217 pounds. goals are to harden up and shed some fat while getting 225 reps up aswell as my explosive power. would like to get up to 225 230.

Test E 1-8 400 mgs
Winny 1-4 6-10 50 mgs
Clen two weeks on two weeks off until pct
Clomid in pct

Just wondering if ill still see decent results with only 8 weeks of test e, i could go test prop but im not a huge fan of sticking ED.
And could i just run the winny weeks 1-8. would love to hear some feedback

because of the long esters in Test E most folk like to run it a bit longer. You could frontload it which should get it kicked in faster, but for an 8 weeker you’d probably be better off with prop. Not to say it wouldn’t work, just that it’s not the way most people do it.

You could just run the Winny for 8 weeks, I don’t think that’ll do too much harm.

You not running an AI or hcg?

Id say run the test out to 10 weeks and the winny could be done anywhere from 6-8 weeks. This way you get a compensate for the longer ester of the test.

with your goals in mind i’d have to add tren. adding weight and losing fat, tough order, but do able.

Hello brothers, Im starting my second cycle and i need your comments on this.
Im age 30, 5’7, 175lbs with 18%bf, have been training for 10years.
I have done lgd with s4 sarms for 2months then after 3months i did my First cycle with testE 400mg/week for 12 weeks with proper pct with mk2866 and gw501516.

Now i am to compete in a physique competetion on march 2019.
My cycle would be
Week1-12 TestE 250mg/week
Week 6-12 winy 50mgeod
Week 5,6,8,9,11,12 clen increasing dose per day (2week on /2 week off)
Week 6-12 t3 50-100mg

Arimidex .25mcg ed week 3-10

Pct with nolva and clomid with mk2866 and gw501516

Thoughts on this cycle please

Thanks a lot