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Test Calculator/Chart (Need Ranges)

Can anyone direct me to a Free Testosterone chart that uses ng/dl?

I have been using the free Test calculators on the internet but cant seem to find a chart that matches up. Even when I do the conversions, it still seems screwy.

If no chart, can someone give me the low and high for free test ng/dl? Even a ballpark is ok. I saw on another page (8-25) ng/dl? sound about right? So confused.

Per the Nebido calculator

Free Testosterone 21.2 ng/dL = 1.93 %

Bioavailable Test 497 ng/dL = 45.2 %

Doesn’t give any ranges though…

I cant vouch for the source, but this could be helpful

This gives range too

This is where it is confusing me. It says 12.3 ng/dl , but my Free test says its 21.2 ng/dl. Something isn’t right… I am on the LOWER end of free test, for sure, because of my high SHBG, so why does this chart say im almost double the high end?

Found this chart on another site.


Males (adult):

20 - <25 years: 5.25-20.7 ng/dL

25 - <30 years: 5.05-19.8 ng/dL

30 - <35 years: 4.85-19.0 ng/dL

35 - <40 years: 4.65-18.1 ng/dL

40 - <45 years: 4.46-17.1 ng/dL

According to this also, my free test looks great (21.2ng/dl). But I seriously doubt that is the case.

TT is around 1100/1000 Albumin 4.3 and SHBG 50…

Converting labcorp ranges:

Gender/Age (y) Range (ng/dL)


0 to 19 Not established

20 to 29 0.93 - 2.65

30 to 39 0.87 - 2.51

40 to 49 0.68 - 2.15

50 to 59 0.72 - 2.40

Over 59 0.66 - 1.81

Which cannot be accurate. They have the UoM incorrect on their website. If you look at quest (or anyone else) you will see something more like 4.6 - 22.4 ng/dL. So for the LabCorp ranges the UoM is ng/dL not pg/nL. So with that said a calculated free test of 18.7 - 21.2 ng/dL is not out of the question.

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Thanks bro.