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Test C vs Test E: Which Do You Prefer?

Which one has more PIP? in my case I think cyp

They are the same, half-life is different


I find E has more pip for me, but it could simply come down to whatever carrier oil is used. They are functionally interchangeable.


this might be a question for an entirely different thread, but how do the esters react in the body? Obviously the testosterone is the same in both compounds, but does the ester react differently in the body?

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I buy Test E, because it is the same price as Test C, but comes in 250 mg/mL vs 200 mg/mL. I don’t notice a difference in PIP, or in perceived half life impact.

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I noticed that but most ugl test c comes as 250ml. Not sure why?

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I might just have unusual sources that have Test C at 200 mg and Test E at 250 mg/mL? They have some really crazy stuff at like 400 mg/mL that I am too afraid to try.


Ok traditional pharma gear like watson made gear is 200mgs for test cypionate and 250 for test enanthate. Why they differ I don’t know I just know those are the traditional legit pharma brand concentrations, so UGLs just follow that.

When the UGL sells the test cyp at 250 that is just so they have a consistent MG offering across the ester choices. At least that is my thoughts on why.

Now when it comes to people swearing test cyp or test enanthate will make a drier or more cut result, here is the skinny. Back in the eighties and early nineties test cyp was what the american market carried and test enanthate was what the European market carried, not sure why but that is just how it was. So guys would look at the american competitors and say hey look they look drier, or bigger, or whatever and then try to figure out what was different in the training and just like today they all assumed it came down to the gear used. They never really looked at different training styles or diets or the other things that we now know ultimately control the end results. They just assumed the gear was giving the drier or bigger or whatever result when on reality it was the different training styles and diet habits and so on.

Now when it comes to PIP it could be from how they brew it. With test enanthate the melting point is like 37 c or about 98 f. So with that melting point the UGLs know it is easier to brew and hold. Which means they can use less solvents like benzyl benzoate and as long as it is a low concentration they don’t need ethyl oleate. Both benzyl benzoate and ethyl oleate cost more money than basic carrier oil like GSO or CSO. With that lower melting point it means it is easier to brew at higher concentrations and at a certain point those high concentrations just hurt, they bite!

Now with test cypionate the melting point is 98c or about 208f. Now with any hormone the higher the .melting point the harder it is to keep in an oily solution thus they require more solvents like BB. So even if the traditional recipe says X amount of BB the UGL might try to get away with slightly less and our asses end up paying.

So any PIP you experience with one or the other ester is possibly due to how they brew it. They always want to make the final product for as low a cost as possible, it is just economics. If you seem to get PIP from one brands cyp and not enanthate it could be because they don’t use enough BB or it could be because they don’t properly heat the final product. There was a very well known UGL back around 2005 with the initials of BD and the founder gave an interview where he said he NEVER remembered heating any batch of any hormone, EVER! Also it is a very real possibility that any given UGL will heat most hormones but not test enanthate, simply because it will go clear with a very small amount of BB. Again costs rule the actions of any for profit venture. Sadly our asses (literally) are on the line.

For clarification any given quality product of test enanthate or cypionate at the traditional concentrations of 250 and 200, respectively, should not hurt. If it does then it could be from low quality raws, not following the correct recipe or just not heating it properly.

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me the same, thanks for replying mate :muscle:

wow, you really clarify it. I really appreciate your response bro, take care! :muscle:

I use to do quite a bit of brewing back in my day. I think pip comes from BA not BB. Just my two cents.

Other words I don’t think the ester has so much to do with pip. Although different esters take different breakdown conversions and different labs use different recipes.

And it’s crazy that anyone would skimp on BB or BA. A 10cc bottle of masteron is made for less then $5 a bottle and that’s is the most expensive one to make. But they do greed !