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Test C, Tren, Eq, NPP Cycle

I am going to be starting a new cycle soon and wanted some input…

I have access to the following:
Test C
Tren E
Mast E
Sust 250

Was looking to go for Mass,. Been thinking Tren, test C, eq, Npp… Suggestions

Is this your first cycle? That’s a lot of gear either way. Tren is its own monster and comes with a price.

Tell us more about yourself, your cycling experience, etc.

Test/NPP/Mast is the way. That’s a tried and true mass stack with the main builders being test and nand and the mast helping with some DHT benefits that seem to help a lot of the guys who run into trouble with nand sides. Just my observations of the landscape.

Edit: yeah, some previous cycle experience plus current stats would be helpful. I wrote that assuming you had already checked off all the boxes.

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So this will be cycle 5… Started easy with just sust at 500mg/wk and mast at 400mg/wk

2 cycles of tren,mast,and sust (400,400,250)
Currently on a Npp,test C cycle (400,625)

Also adex Evey 3rd day, and 40mg nolva/day when I cycle off.

Started at @135lb currently up to @170lb,. But looking to push to 185 - 200 range

The trending knowledge is that this is not necessary and does more damage. The issue is Test/E2 ratio, not just the presence of elevated E2.

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So drop the adex and nolva…

I probably misspoke on the nolva, you will need that for your PCT but adex during the cycle may not be necessary.

How the fuck are you only at 170 after 4 cycles of which you’ve run some big time shit on?! Are you 5’1?

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He did mention he started at 135, many who start at this kind of size have no idea how to diet/train, they let the gear do all the work

While admittedly gear is magic, it won’t turn idiocy into optimisation

If he’s like 5’1 though, then he’s a tank

No, I am 5-5,. But my issue is probably linked to the fact that I am currently at a state run facility…ie: prison… Getting out in a few days though. I did weigh yesterday at 176… nutrition here is horrible to say the least…

You’re cycling in a prison. Jesus… how do you pull that off.

End of a 10+ year sentence,. Managed to make the work release detail about two years ago. :grin::grin:

Jesus Christ my dude… did you kill someone?

Though now that I think of it given how stupid our “tough on crime”
Approach is you might’ve done something very minor in the grand scheme of things

Nah, but I did burn a guy’s house down around him but over $40k…,… bad move on my part

His house was $40k?

No,. He owed me 40k for some merchandise I fronted to him… Didn’t want to pay so…

40k worth of merchandise… that’s quite a lot, def not a small time trafficker (narcotics)

We all make mistakes though, live and learn!

Definitely learned my lesson, now just looking to move forward…

Was thinking going on a blend my supplier has… Tren, mast, sust (all one shot), and adding eq, and npp…

Not a fan of blends. Hell Sus alone is a blend. So you have a blend of blends… LOL.

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