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Test C + Tren E+ Proviron

Running gear 4th week in
Test E - 500mgs/week
Tren E - 250 mgs/ week
Proviron 50 mgs ed
P5P 200 mg ED

Started test C two weeks before started tren
3rd week started proviron

Planning to cruise after 12 weeks of the cycle… might end the tren the 10th week or 12th , then thinking of doing test C 500 mgs 2x/week for two weeks the start cruise…
Should I tapper the tren? And if I cruise affter cycle, should I take (if any when you cruise) pct would that contain?

I don’t see a question… Either way, this belongs in the Pharma section. Try asking there, or give it a few hours and a mod will move it for you.

Sorry I’m new I wasn’t too sure how to navigate… And just asking for thoughts of the cycle I’m currently running

No worries, the mods moved it. I’m new to the pharma world, so I will defer to the experts on here, but PCT is unnecessary if you’re going to cruise after the cycle. It would do nothing except waste money. I’m assuming you’re on TRT?


Skip the two weeks of test at 1000mg/wk. It will just complicate things, and I doubt it will do much in that period of time. If you are going to cruise, you could taper your test down to your cruise dose. Something like 400, 300 than your cruise which shouldn’t be over 250mg/wk. This will help people who get acne or other sides when they drop their test down.


I’m sorry I didn’t mean 500 mg twice a week I meant it just for a week for two weeks… I mis wrote that

No, the ester does that for you.

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Yes I’m on TRT 125mg a week

Thank you everyone for the feed back

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