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Test C, Tren A, Oxandrolone

Well time to start logging my next blast (5th cycle/blast). I start next Wednesday

Test C @ 210 mg/wk, pin EOD, wk 1-9
Tren A @ 175 mg/wk, pin ED, wk 1-9
Oxandrolone @ 50 mg/day, wk 3-9
HCG @ 500 IU/wk, pin EOD wk 1-9

I already know I do well with Test C and oxandrolone, so the difference will be the Tren. I wanted to keep it a relatively low dose because I want to see how I react and I don’t think it’s necessary to blast tons of gear so long as you’re not using gear to cover up poor diet, training, or recovery. but that’s just my experience.

I will also be supplementing with:

NAC 600 mg/day
P5P 200-300 mg/day
TUDCA 500 mg/day
omega 3’s 3000 mg/day
Vit D3 5000 IU/day
Magnesium Glycinate 450 mg/day

I usually run an AI even on TRT (.25 anastrozole 2x/wk) but I am going to let the estrogen climb a little to take advantage of its neuroprotective and cardio protective properties, as well as joint protection in hopes it helps counteract the Tren. If I feel like I am running into issues with E2, I’ll start back up at .25 mg 2x/wk and go from there as needed.

All input is appreciated.


Honestly one of the most reasonable cycle layouts I’ve seen. You probably won’t need P5P at that dose of Tren but it won’t hurt. Overall looks like a good cycle

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There are days that I will take P5P even when I’m not running anything. It helps boost my mood when I am feeling aggravated, and I don’t want to be a dick to my wife and kids lol.

I am a huge proponent of making the most gains from the least gear. Even after my eye injury, I am blown away every training day about how much of my strength I have kept, even though I came off all gear cold turkey for 6 weeks and I am now running only TRT. I am almost as strong now on 6 weeks TRT as I was after 14 weeks on NPP.

For example, just yesterday, I accidentally hit 6 reps on safety squat bar front squats at 300 lbs (anyone that has ever done these knows how hard these are), and it was like an RPE 7. I thought the bar was 45 lbs, turns out it was 70.

My point with saying that is I have learned that the gear plays a much smaller role than many people think. Not to say gear is insignificant, but it’s not like going super saiyan (we’re all nerds on here, we all know exactly what that means haha).

I like this layout, hope it works. I’ll be following

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Thanks, I’ll try to keep a detailed log of all gains and sides much like I did in my last cycle thread.

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Day 1 Update:

Well I just did my first pin about an hour ago, luckily no tren cough, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future.

For the sake of strength gains, I’ll post some of my current lifts and we’ll see where I am again in 9 weeks:

320 lb viking press (RPE 8)
340 lb stone load over 50" (RPE 7.5)
475 x4 axle dead lifts (RPE 7)
300 lb sandbag carry 50’ and load in 10 seconds
525 lb yoke 100’ in 25 seconds

I plan to keep my diet the same, currently 247 at about 19% BF (I have a little bit of abs in just the right light). If I can stay the same weight and get down to about 15% in 9 weeks I think it’ll be a huge win. More important is the progress in the lifts, since I am a competitive strongman.


Following. Good luck. Looks like a nice cycle. I did one similar last year and had good strength increase over 10 weeks. Got a little sick of pinning EOD by week 8 though.

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Thanks! I actually pinned EOD for 14 weeks on my last cycle, I probably got sick of it around the same time. Luckily this time I am only pinning .25/.55 mL EOD (everyday injections), when I was pinning strictly EOD, I was pinning 1.6mL oil and I only pinned glutes. With this small amount pinning ED I can use delts as well. so I have 4 injection sites instead of just 2.

Looking forward to your updates and results. I’m actually running a similar cycle soon for 12 weeks.

Week 1-12
Mast E - 300mg Weekly
Test C - 120mg Weekly - TRT Dose
Tren A - 100mg Weekly

Week 6-12
Anavar - 50mg Daily

This is a cutting cycle. I’m new to tren and wanted to go with a lower dose to avoid sides. I’m curious to hear your experience. Good luck

Completely Agree with the below statement

“ I am a huge proponent of making the most gains from the least gear.”

“ I don’t think it’s necessary to blast tons of gear so long as you’re not using gear to cover up poor diet, training, or recovery. but that’s just my experience.”

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I typically do MWF, but I want to give daily/5 day (Monday - Friday) shots a try. This is purely to reduce side affects.

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That’s a fairly similar cycle so hopefully you gain something from my thread.

Also, I would recommend a 2-3 split with your 5 times per week injections. By no means am I an expert on this stuff, but with the short half life of TrenA, I don’t think it would be a good idea waiting 72 hours between injections, especially if you are trying to minimize sides. Maybe pin Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri/Sat?

I personally chose to pin 7x/wk to minimize sides. Yea it’ll be a literal pain, but I would rather deal with injections than hormonal sides


This seems like a bad idea. I would do what @wsmwannabe is suggesting. ED, or take off two days separated by injection days in between. So don’t pin Monday and Thursday for example.

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Maybe I need to clarify. I meant that I will split my doses into 5 shots, so I’m injecting everyday (Monday through Friday), and skipping weekends. This way blood levels stay more stable with 5 shots per week compared to my normal MWF 3 shots per week.

(24mg) Test
(20mg) Tren
(60mg) Mast
50mg Anavar

maybe everyday might be the best way to go!

I understood what you were saying, what I am saying is that waiting 72 hours between friday injection and monday injection is a very long time considering how quickly your body will metabolize the hormone. Your blood concentration of trenbolone will be very low and shoot back up again come monday when you pin again.

The half life is reportedly from 48-72 hours, but that is also dependent upon your body chemistry and metabolism. Keeping blood levels stable is one of the best ways of keeping sides at bay/manageable, and waiting 72 hours with a fast metabolizing ester will not help with stability.

You can try waiting that long if you like, it is up to you. But everyone on this forum errs on the side of caution, myself included, and no one here will recommend that.


Just go EOD wit the tren and don’t worry about days of the week. This will be your most stable blood levels. You could take your test and mast together on monday and thursday for example.

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Day 2 Update:

I had to keep telling myself at the gym yesterday that there was no way I was already feeling the TrenA, but I swear I think I was. I was just chomping at the bit to get to my workout while I was warming up, a feeling I haven’t had in a long time. I had a top set of 5 @ RPE 8 on hatfield squats and I expected no more than 480x5 lbs. Well I went up to 500x5 (because the 480 was too easy) and that still wasn’t an RPE 8 (It was probably an RPE 7), but I had lots of sandbag carries to do so I shut it off there and moved on.

Last night I didn’t sleep very well, but I don’t think that is the Tren since I have been having trouble sleeping the last 7 days or so. I did feel hotter than usual, but with the temps warming up my bedroom was a little warmer as well, so I am not sure if that is related to the tren. Luckily I have a heated and cooled mattress so I just turned up the cooling.

I am surprised at how little PIP I am getting from this too. My UGL Test gave me decent PIP in the delts, but the same brand UGL tren isn’t as bad.

One thing that did surprise me is that I was in a fog and had a mild headache all day yesterday after my first pin of Tren, but a sample size of n=1 isn’t enough to make any sort of judgement on.

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Nice man! You’re an ox.

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Thanks, but to be fair, they were Hatfield squats which allows for a little, or a lot of assistance from your arms, it’s up to the user. It’s a great way to overload your squat without making it dangerous. I’m honestly not sure if I could hit 500x5 with a standard back squat. It might be close.

Still beastly! My squat is trash.

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Day 4 Update:

Well I’m an impatient fuck and I decided to go ahead and bump up my tren dose from 25 mg/day to 30 mg/day. Not a huge bump but still slightly off plan. The bump is small enough that I still will not have to buy any more vials to finish the 9 week cycle. I think 210 mg/wk is good, and as long I continue to not have issues I may go to EOD pins in a couple of weeks. I’m not sure on that yet.

So far I actually feel like my mood and energy are better on tren than before I started. The brain fog and headache were a one day thing, and my appetite is increasing. No ED issues and libido increase is reminiscent of NPP and so far no tren cough. No sleep issues or weird dreams. I hope I am on a low enough dose and pinning at such a high frequency that I won’t have issues with sides, but time will tell.

I can’t tell much difference in my lifting, but I am trying to not expect too much too soon either. Weight is still sitting around 247, I’d like to be around 242-243 by the second week of April to prepare for my water cut down to 231.4, or if I recomp like I did on NPP, I’ll be fine with 247 so long as I have a lot more lean mass than I do now.

I also start my oxandrolone on the 15th, which is about 7 weeks out from the competition.

Here’s a pic of me from a week ago. Not as lean as I was back in October, I’m thinking 19-20% BF. I used to think I had huge love handles, but when I leaned out previously I found out that I have wide hips and and large external obliques. Obviously I am not super lean, but I think my hip width is a bit deceiving.