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Test C / Tren A / Dbol Cycle Critique

Thanks for the advice ahead of time guys. First post but been watching and studying up
For awhile now. A little info on me first. 36 years old, male, been training for about 15 years now. Run about 5 cycles prior to this. Mostly Test E, Tren E Dbol, And Deca. Fixing to try a new cycle and was looking for a bit of advice. I’m 5’11 210lbs and about 10-12% BF. Last cycle I was up to about 228 lbs bit a motorcycle wreck put me down for a bit. I’m thinking about this as my next cycle and was looking for some input as I’ve never used Tren A or HCG in a cycle. Let me know what you think. Thanks again.

Wk 1-12 : 250-300mg Test C (125mg-150mg E3D)
Wk 1-8. : 125mg-150mg Tren A EOD
Wk 9-12 : 40mg Dbol ED
Wk 1-12 : 250iu HCG EOD
Wk 1-12 : .5mg Adex E3D

Wk 15-19 : PCT Nolva or Clomid 40/40/20/20

What do you guys think? Thanks for the input!


.5 Adex EOD, I’m really interested in how to work the HCG into the cycle and PCT. Sided have never been a huge issue with me. Shrunk nuts and a little snappy at times but not bad.

It will not take 3 weeks for levels from 300 mg/week testosterone cypionate to drop back into the normal range and then below.

PCT would be better started 5-7 days after the last TC injection.

HCG in weeks 9-12 would be all that’s necessary. For example 250 IU every other day.

As your combination of both EOD and E3D injections will wind up being fairly close to every day anyway, and trenbolone acetate is best used daily, why not just change that to daily.

I would not include the Arimidex after discontinuing the testosterone and Dianabol.

Your SERM dosing would be okay for Nolvadex but wrong for Clomid.

Okay thank you so

WK 1-12 : Test C 150mg E3D
WK 1-8 : Tren A 75mg ED
WK 9-12 : Dbol 40mg ED, HCG 250iu EOD
WK 1-12 : Adex .25-.5 EOD

WK 14-18 : Nolva 40/40/20/20

Yes, except I’d start the Nolvadex in week 13. The androgen levels really will be cleared sufficiently by then for recovery to begin, if the Nolvadex is started then.

Ok thanks for the help Bro