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Test C, NPP, and Anavar

Anadrol is a lot stronger. It is also cheaper, and less faked. A buddy of mine loves the stuff. I have only taken one pill pre-workout, so I don’t have any experience with it. My buddy that uses it swears it is awesome for strength (dude is a freak, has deadlifted over 800 @ 210 lbs and is about 6’ tall).

If you run it, have nolva on hand. It can cause a weird gyno that isn’t treatable with AIs.

Well I finally pinned my quad today (I spoke with a buddy about it yesterday and he showed me how he does it with zero issues) and it was completely a non-issue. No nerves, no blood, no oil, no pain. I only wish I had tried it sooner. It’ll definitely become part of the rotation.

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Looks no bad. I also recommend crazy bulk dbol like in this review healthylifestylecommunity.org/mn-crazy-bulk-dbal-review.

Once I get used to a spot it isn’t bad. I like delts now, but it was pretty intimidating the first pin. It is kinda a whole new thing each time I pick a new site.

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