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Test C, MENT, Tren A, NPP, Bold C Cycle

When I was big into cars, I always told myself and my wife I was done buying parts for it lol. That was always a lie.

That, I believe, is a more personal question to answer. I like short esters because you feel them quicker and they clear quicker. BUT I hate pinning super frequently. I say that, but also note that my last 3 cycles have all been short esters.

Any time I try a new compound, I generally prefer short esters for compounds with extreme or pronounced sides. I do not believe MENT is one of those compounds that would be required to have a short ester though, because the only real issues anyone seems to have with it is E2 sides.

With all of that said, I think you would be fine with MENT D, but I wouldn’t start higher than probably 100 mg/wk (which I guesstimate to be about the same as 10mg/day MENT A based on ester weight) until you know how you react to it. Also make sure you have an AI/SERM on standby if you’re running with moderate or high test.

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I would not use it until you’re familiar with the drug. Once you feel like you know how to manage the ace version then by all means use a longer ester.

I’ll caution you about finding MENT D though. Don’t immediately assume it is what they say it is. I’ve spoken to raw providers and more than a few labs about MENT and its various esters. The number of suppliers is very, very small. The amount of testing done is almost nonexistent. Be sure before you spend your money.

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The lab I ordered from had good feedback on threads with testing from some members. I would love to get acetate but they are out. I don’t plan to take it for a while so I might wait until its back in stock. The half life of MENT A seems all over the place from what I can see, ranging from 3hr on pubmed, to threads indicating 3 days. MENT D is 15 days, big difference.

  1. I know where you got it from; if you saw HPLC tests then that’s good to hear
  2. MENT half-life is very short without the ester. Maybe 221 minutes or so. With the ester it’s like any other acetate-attached drug, so call it approximately one day. That is indeed a big difference between one day and 15 days.
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Can certain esters not be attached to certain compounds? Something I’ve been wondering.

Something in between would be nice like a Enanthate (~5 days depending on oil, and person). I don’t want to experiment with a 15 day half life, but I also don’t want a 4 hour half life.

IIRC, and I believe it was actually @iron_yuppie I learned this from, you can attach any ester to any drug, it’s just a matter of having the time and money to do it, and (more importantly) making sure there is a customer base to purchase it, which is the really the bottleneck for creating new or exotic compounds.

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MENT enanthate exists, it’s just uncommon. One lab has been waiting for raws to arrive since April. So, you know, the supply of this stuff relies on the promises of some guy in China with a storage unit.


Day 87 Update:

Yesterday I was 227.2 and today I was 228. These are the two lightest days I have had in probably 8 years. This was after a 400 cal/day increase over the last 8 days. I can build back up to 231-232 without issue with respect to making weight, but for some reason I’m not really putting weight on. It is certainly not a lack of appetite. I have 3 training weeks left and I need to maximize this. currently eating 215/375/100. This is totally foreign to me to have issues putting on weight.

I bought some RYR extract and some slow release niacin (slow release helps prevent flushing) to help with my lipids. I am not sure if I should feel a difference, but I do not.

All of my lifts are getting better except my log. It has been stagnant for 2 years. I have been stuck around 275-280 since October 2019. It’s pretty frustrating. BUT one thing I have to consider is that last time I dropped weight, I lost a ton of overhead strength. This time, dropping 21 lbs, I have managed to, at worst, maintain my strength.


I’ve experienced this, too. Overhead pressing is always the first place I notice a drop in strength. And you’re right! The fact that you’ve shed 22 pounds and maintained clean and press strength is a miracle.

Brian Alsruhe has some great vids on log press assistance exercises. Have you watched any of his stuff?


Not sure how I missed this post. I have seen a little bit of his stuff in the past, I’ll have to check out some more of his stuff related to log press though

Day 97 update:

Nothing new to post with respect to my cycle or sides. Still virtually no sides except mild insomnia.

Training has been going well. 5 out of 6 of my event lifts have increased quite a bit during this peak. For some reason my log press seems to have stalled around the 275 mark, and has been stalled right around there for 2 years.

I hopped in the bodpod the other day to see where I stand vs March (16.7% BF at 247). Well Saturday morning I hopped in and apparently I am BB stage ready at 6% BF at 233 lbs BW :roll_eyes:

Realistically I believe I am much closer to 10-11%. I got slightly leaner than I was in the photo posted from September 3rd (post 129). I guess this just goes to show that even the bodpod can be manipulated (which was not at all my intention).

My yoke work has gotten much better. I took a 645 lb yoke for 60’ in about 17-18s. I was supposed to hit a 715 yoke for 120’ after that, but that wasn’t meant to be. I took it about 5 feet before my low back/hips couldn’t take it. I didn’t have my hips under me and I just kinda screwed up the lift.


Any updates? I like this log.

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Well I weighed in the morning, fully clothed (shoes too) at 230.1, so I was well under the 231.4 mark. Currently I weigh about 233 naked (I was around 227 when I weighed in).

There’s really been nothing negative to note with this cycle with respect to sides. Today I am working on rehydrating and tomorrow and Saturday I get to go leave it all on the platform.

Notable lifts from training:

285 lb log press
285x3 axle clean and press
600 lb wheel barrow deadlift got 16 reps in 30s
675 yoke for 60’ in about 17s
610 wheelbarrow run 60’ in about 12s
45 lb sandbag thrown to about 17’

I don’t expect to win, but if I go out and perform the way I know I can, I think there’s a good shot I can be top 20% (top 12, there’s about 63 guys signed up) and get an Arnold bid.


CRUSH IT MAN! Keep us posted!


Well I won’t go into too many details as far as reps or placement, but I will say I still did fairly well for a guy that ripped my lat off of my humerus



Bro :frowning:



That sucks. What is the recovery time. Did you keep going after that? Was it during stones?

I happened on the first rep of the deadlift, which was the second of 6 events. I did the other 4 events after that as well, and I still crushed the deadlift event. I have an MRI to confirm the tear on Wednesday. Recovery time will depend on the mode of rehab (surgery or not).

I don’t want to get into reps or placement because that will immediately give away my identity lol, but I still did pretty decent for such a catastrophic injury.

EDIT: on an unrelated note, I am coming off of everything and going back down to TRT at this point. I don’t think halo is a good idea for me anymore. Every time I use it I injure myself.


Yeah, It’s one of the reasons I am not using the ton of Anadrol I have, and haven’t ordered superdrol. Seems the guys I know who run the stuff that is the best for strength have more injuries. Could just be that they are a lot stronger than me lol.

That’s some Rocky type shit there. I once finished my deadlifts in a comp after a quad cramp, so I am pretty tough too lol. I probably would have called it after that if I am being honest.

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