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Test C, MENT, Tren A, NPP, Bold C Cycle

I’m honestly not sure I’ll notice a difference. In the past I used it because it made my sexual health feel better, but that was before I found out what AI was lol. Stupid on my part, but live and learn.

Many of us have a tendency of learning the hard way, especially me

Embrace the home brew.

So I transfer from a large vial to a smaller one because even with slins that stopper gets chewed up after a month.

I’ve really been itching to try it out, but I haven’t done it yet. Hell I don’t even have any equipment. Not because of lack of funds. Mostly for lack of trying to acquire and frankly being a little scared to mess it up

Low test and whatever MENT dose you want = very little water retention beyond what you’d expect from a similar dose of test alone.

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Man it’s easy. If you can do some very basic math then you can brew at home with ease. The equipment needed is not even that expensive if you go with pre sterilized vials (which is a lot easier and safer for personal use).

I need to quit being a pussy and pull the trigger. I am a mechanical engineer so the math should be the least of my worries haha. I’ve been reading on other forums about homebrewing and it seems like there’s plenty of idiots that can figure it out, so I should definitely be able to.


Me too.

The big fear of mine with homebrew is in procuring raws. It is generally a higher quantity, and if found (however unlikely) the legal consequence may be higher, than if a package with finished product in lower quantity was found.

@iron_yuppie I sent you an email.


I found a source for 100mg/ml and bought a bottle. Idk when I’m gonna try it though. Thought about adding a small amount to my TRT until I blast again… or using it during the next blast at a higher amount. Not sure what I’ll do with it


I took @iron_yuppie advice and decided to just pull the trigger on the homebrew stuff. I bought everything needed to get started. No fancy equipment, just really basic stuff to make really small batches. I have ZERO intention of selling anything. It will all be strictly personal use.

So to update the cycle:

I can’t say enough good stuff about this MENT. If nothing else, my mood is great with this stuff, even while running nandrolone. I am leaning out a little bit too, but I have maintained my weight. I’m sure this is largely due to the increase in water/glycogen retention, but I was 245 Friday morning. I was down to 243 a few weeks ago. I’ll probably get back in the BodPod in September to see how my body composition looks.

I can tell the nandrolone is working because joint pain seems to have gone down a little bit. Inflammation has been an issue for me the last few days, but I believe that is largely due to the holiday weekend and just eating stupid stuff.

I haven’t noticed “huge” strength gains, but I consider myself a “well trained” individual and likely won’t ever get a huge boost without running a huge amount of gear. In my previous update I noted that I believe I need to run 1:1 Test:NPP. Since I changed to ratio to 1:1 I do feel like all of the compounds are working better, but I also switched to a new vial of NPP from another source at the same time. (I was finishing up a vial from last October, hence the quick switch in vials. With that said I know the gear is good gear too because I used it previously). So while I BELIEVE the difference is from the increase in test, I cannot definitively say that.


What’s first on the agenda for home brew!?

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test for sure… Gotta start with something easy and cheap lol. that way if I screw it up it won’t be too much lost. I bought a bit of raws though, some stuff I like and some stuff I want to try. I didn’t buy a lot of each, enough to make a few vials of each. MENT raws are EXPENSIVE, but when you consider price/dose, it’s about on par with anything else.

Test C
Test P
Tren A
Tren E
Primo E
Trest A (supposedly Trest E will be coming soon to some suppliers, I’ll BOLO)
Bold Cyp

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Hell yea dude. If I had the space to dedicate to it I’d give it a shot. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it myself unless I had the room to make it all nice and clean and fancy.
I also saw that ment is coming soon! Very exciting lol you’re gonna have to stop posting great things about ment, your making me want to try it

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After running both NPP and tren, I thought if the mood sides got much worse than it was that I would have to stop running them. I didn’t want my family to have to deal with me being cold, distant, or irritable just for the sake of competing in strongman. Now, having found MENT, I won’t have to stop running the other 19-nors (or at least not nandrolone, I’m not sure how the tren will react yet). My wife constantly tells me how much better my mood is on this cycle than the previous two. Possibly even better than just TRT alone.

Also, all of the equipment and everything I bought could be held in a 10 ream paper box. Not only that, but, from what I have read and understand, the cleanliness of the gear comes from filtration. Obviously I won’t intentionally brew in a dirty area and I’ll do my best to keep it clean, as well as ensuring that all of the brewing equipment I use is clean and sterilized. But If you run it through a filter on its way into a sealed, sterile vial, sterility and cleanliness shouldn’t be an issue. And the BA should kill any microbes.

Granted I have never done it, but this is what I understand from reading through several homebrew threads elsewhere.


Yep, I’ve done some reading on it, and was looking into it for them $3 vials of Test. It isn’t as hard as it sounds to most people. Mix the stuff up, heat, filter. I do hear the filtering can be a bitch though. I have heard of guys using a chalk gun to push syringe plunger while filtering. I think these guys were using a 30 or 60 mL syringe though, so you need a lot of force to develop high pressure compared to a smaller syringe.

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Edit: somehow missed where you mentioned th caulk gun :joy: my bad

Yea I always thought the caulk gun sounded a bit extreme, but since p=f/a, I suppose it makes sense. Hopefully my 10mL syringes don’t require all that.

Also, I came to the same realization with home brewing as I did when I was scared buying my first house almost a decade ago:

I know a lot of idiots that own homes, so it can’t be that hard.

I know a lot of idiots that homebrew, so it can’t be that hard.


I think if you can make it through a Chemistry I lab, you can do it. I am not going to say everyone should do it, because some people are really dumb, but I feel more than confident with you and wannabe.

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:joy: my education would argue against this lol

But yea, I’ve definitely done some reading on it and like the idea of brewing my own test for TRT purposes. Private TRT care costs a lot for what little I get. Granted, the guy I use took the time to help me and get me dialed in and I will be for ever greatful, but at some point I’ll have to pull the plug as paying this much for small amounts of testosterone is mind numbing. My insurance covers labs so honestly this dude is making a killing.


Wow, mechanical engineers with synthetic chemistry aspirations, aseptic technique, asymetric risk/reward. This thread has it all! Be careful out there guys.

Curious how you guys mentally process the completely upside down risk reward here? Whoa, gotta run, is that the Po-Po knocking?