Test C: Going from 200mg to 400mg per Week

I have been on “TRT” for just 4 months- having a test level of low 200’s my doc (who is also a bodybuilder) was awesome providing me 200mg per week of testosterone, HCG andanastrozole to off set any side effects- in 4 months he has had me get 2 additional blood test to check my numbers- fortunately everything is fine and I actually feel awesome for the first time in many years. My recent testosterone level (that use to be low 200’s) came back 5 days after the most recent injection- at 1,500 he thought (and so did I) it was awesome and no sign of any side effects.

Providing me an additional bottle of testosterone C - I thought I might try injecting 400mg per week just to see if I can then put on some muscle- always been strong but kinda lanky defined. with the 200mg per week I have been injecting (his suggestion) 100mg twice a week IM… but adding the additional 200mg per week he suggested I might consider injecting as follows— continue to 100mg @ twice a week IM but also inject 40mg @ the other five days SUBQ so that my legs are not pin cushions.

His thinking is these days injecting smaller amounts daily SUBQ is effective- and that the old school IM larger injections is the industry standard- told me to try both and see how I feel- we’ll do another blood panel of course in a few months- so to make this simple- 200mg (injected 100mg 2 times IM per week) and inject the other 200mg (40mg 5 times a week SUBQ) he will increase the HCH andanastrozole as well- then said we’d do another blood panel and I should stop everything for two week- then go on a PCT of HCG and I think Clomed or something- for 10 days- before starting another cycle.

Curious what you guys might think- again I realize I’m fortunate that my doc is also a bodybuilder- and totally ok with testosterone therapy- and he is doing a lot of blood panel work to stay on top of everything- can I gain more muscle with 400mg per week of testosterone C vs the 200mg per week I’ve been taking ? Has anyone else ever done both the IM injections as well as SUBQ (with insulin needles) at the same time ? Thanks everyone- sincerely appreciate any feedback from you guys-

Why do you, or your doc, feel that after 4 months and being admittingly lanky, is a good idea going from 200mg to blast at 400mg?

Your body should still be recomping coming from that low of T levels. Also, you should still be seeing gains if you’re eating right. With that being mentioned, I’d personally be against it until your diet is in check as you’re already over the high end and not building mass as well as wait until your body has fully changed to the 200mg dose.

Also, there’s no need to PCT as your PCT is presumably to go back to 200mg. You can choose to run hCG or not.

Thanks for this information- I can ask him (will ask) I know that my question was l o n g ) I didn’t add- from the 4 months of being on 200mg of testosterone C I started to actually not only get stronger but put on some muscle weight as well- keeping in mind I hit the gym 5-6 times a week- I am fairly dedicated to bulking up- that may be wise he was wanting to help me with that… do you think it might be dangerous to be on 400mg per week ? Also, am interested in the 200mg IM and 200mg SUBQ (dosed per my original posting) aspect as well… any ideas ?

oh and the PCT he spoke about was from my asking him if I’d have to be on testosterone for life, etc., he told me about PCT and a bunch of other stuff I’m not really totally clear about - but it would be possibly down the road if I decided to stop taking any of this stuff- essentially I guess going from 200 to 400 per week is more of a “cycle” than TRT. I think he does cycles as well- been uncomfortable about asking him as of yet.

Dangerous? Definitely not. Well planned out? Also, definitely not.

You’ve been on test so long, there’s no reason to do a 2 week PCT, which wouldn’t even be beneficial had you not been on TRT.

What you’re basically asking is, “Is this a good method of blast & cruising? (B&C)” And the answer to that is quite simply, no. Look more into B&C and see what others do.

I personally run test E for about 10 weeks at 500mg (alongside low dose Primo) with an oral for the first 4-6 of those and quite simply go back to 250mg for another 10-15 weeks with the later of 15 weeks if my bloods aren’t in check (cholesterol, RBC, livers, etc.).

As far as IM vs subQ goes, I don’t know; I’ve never tried SQ. However, I heard SQ is better for TRT as it’ll give you a steady T flow to reduce mood swings. Though from what I’ve found, keeping your hormone levels in check with AIs will do the same.

Thanks so much for your input and advise- you see, I had posted such a lengthy question earlier- I was trying to not keep going on and on (in my post). essentially my doc had suggested the PCT part when I was exclusively on “TRT” at 200mg per week- in response to my asking him if I decided to go off of TRT, etc., etc., he said not to do it without discussing with him and then spoke about PCT, etc., etc., didn’t mean to confuse everyone- was just trying not to make my post any longer than it was. Also, when I asked him about how I could bulk up more he said he would not prescribe anabolic stuff (not legal, etc,) but gave me an extra bottle of testosterone and said I could try a cycle of the test C at 400mg per week… you see when I saw my blood panel showing the testosterone now at 1,500 I thought- wow should I try to get my testosterone level up to 2,000+ for a short period of time- then hit the gym harder than ever, etc., fortunately seeing my testosterone at 1,500 for the first time ever- and my cholesterol, etc. everything was near perfect I guess I thought try for a testosterone level of 2,000+ while I am under his care- as I mentioned he didn’t want to talk steroids- but handing me the additional 10ml vial of test C told me if I wanted- go for 400mg a week and see how I feel- also suggesting injecting every day to keep things smooth- (vs injection 200mg @ 2 times a week) Hope I’m not making things more confusing than I need… oh I’m 6’ 185’bs just turned 25… always been cut and defined- but I’m finally starting to bulk a bit- just want more I guess ? back to my original post- will 400mg per week for say a month or two help me get bigger ? I’ll be sure to have him check my levels- actually he is fairly strict about having blood panels done regularly- Again- thanks so much for your imput-

oh- and the blast and cruse- I thought that was more about steroids (other than testosterone). my doc won’t prescribe anything but testosterone and the needed side effect prevention stuff (HCG, etc.,). no anavar or DBol or Decca, etc., he was pretty firm on that- but would “allow” me to inject 400mg of testosterone weekly- again- not to bore everyone- will injecting 400mg per week vs 200mg per week aid me in bulking up ?

Yes, you will see results by merely swapping from 200 to 400 and back – it’s called blasting and cruising. I wouldn’t suggest doing so at this point, but, if you’re under a doc’s care, I see no reason to talk you out of something you’re probably going to do anyway.

My advice would to look at a HPTA reset or “PCT” protocol coming off such a long “cycle”, though. Two weeks is not gonna cut it.

Baka- again- thanks so much man- I’m laughing here cause my poor doc- I get what- 15 min to toss a ton of questions at the guy- and then I remember something I forgot to ask and go back in for another question- you are most definitely an asset to this site- exact the clear honest information I was hoping to get- so officially (laughing here) I’m about to start a Blast and Cruse at 400mg per week- lol. I always thought B&C only involved the hard stuff, Decca, DBol, etc., added to test… thanks bro- your’e awesome!

Just fukn do it, everyone here will give u advice and you will still do it anyways, fact is you are already on TRT so why not, aslong as you dont stay at 400 and give your body some recovery time you should be fine.

400mg test isint much to me…I dont really feel anything unless i start going over 500-600+…your body might be more sensitive to that dosage, i would just increase the dose 300 then 400 from one week to another to gauge it out.

Your doctor will definitely know you took two doses though from bloods.

Will you gain muscle? Sure… but its all dependent on dedication, training and diet, u can be on 2 grams of tren and not gain shit if u eat like shit and train like a slob.

Thanks man. Do appreciate the input. So I like what you said. 300 then 400. Week to week. Fortunately my doc is up on my wanting to try more he just insist on my coming in for blood test and mini physical check-listen to heart etc etc. thanks again. Kinda always wanted to try a cycle this may be closest I can get to one using legal stuff prescribed by a doc.

Adding to my original question about switching from 200mg to 400mg testosterone C weekly injection… HCG - how much should I inject with the 400mg dose ? I was injecting 250mg while on 200mg testosterone weekly- guessing here- but would I just double the HCG injectable dose to match the new400mg testosterone C weekly injection ? thanks alll…

Anyone able to help with this ? how much HCG should I inject along with 400mg of testosterone C each week ?

Continue the HCG through and off cycle… continue same dosage (not sure if you should increase since i am not too knowledgeable on HCG maybe some other guys here can help you with that, maybe check out the trt forum for hcg questions).

Thanks Cryptonite!

Sincerely appreciate the info- I kept reading stuff online on various sites and it’s extremely confusing when it comes to HCG- that being said, when I was on 200mg (TRT) my doc had me injecting 250iu twice a week= and had me inject it the day before the testosterone injections- so now (with his permission) that I am injecting 200mg 2 times a week (equaling 400mg per week of testosterone) I will just go ahead and continue injecting the 250iu of HCG before each of the two weekly shots- in a few weeks I have updated blood/lab reports done- so he will undoubtedly let me know if something isn’t right- very excited to be testing out 400mg of testosterone per week- and just didn’t want to screw anything up with the HCG.

Thanks again

Great, let us know how it goes.

Hi guys- I have been on the 400-500mg per week of Test E for -lost count- maybe 10 weeks ? Anyway- my recent blood work came back great- no sides or issues- however my Free test came in just over 700 and the Test scored in at over 2,000. not sure if that is super dangerous or not- my doc didn’t seem to thing it was a huge issue as I had no other dangerous stuff in my blood work- that being said- I am on PCT now, just about to finish up- and was thinking of going back to 200mg of Test E as that dose gave me the 1,500 testosterone count- which is still well over “normal”. however my doc will allow me to also use 200mg of Decca along with the 200mg of Test E… wondering what you guys think of that combo- i.e. 200 of Decca and 200 of Test E vs the 400mg of Test E alone.

Note- the July 2017 blood result is pre TrT… so right now I am pretty much at 2,000 Test and 715 Free Test… coming off the 400mg of Test E per week.

Why did you run a pct if you were just going to go right back to your trt/cruise? What was the goal with that?

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that’s one hell of a doc.
you use a cycle dose for TRT and he offers you deca on top - nice.