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Test C First Cycle

Hey Nation!

So I just pinned my week 6 start dose of Test C. Running 500/wk on a Mon/Thu split @ 250 each. Eating clean, actually had my first cheat meal in these 6 weeks which was a McDonald’s 20 piece (god it tasted awful after eating clean)!

So far I am up about 8 lbs (5-6 muscle maybe), but my strength especially from week 5 to now have really started to jump. Have never been able to murder weights this way and be able to go right back the next day and could hit the same muscle group.

Forgot to mention I’m in week 6 of 15, looking for a solid 10-15 lb muscle gain (first cycle is the biggest jump, right?) I am 29, currently 205-206 and around 12% BF. I have noticed that I am leaning out too which is nice AF. Could be back into 32 waisted pants if it weren’t for my legs (have to wear 34s).

Overall I am super happy, and not having any issues with aromatiziation, but have AI on hand. Also have my PCT ready to rock and roll. I’ll keep posting updates maybe weekly. Any feedback welcomed!

Nice to hear its going well. We all enjoy cycle/blast logs so keep the progress updates coming. Any photos? What’s your PCT plan?

Just going to run Nolva for 3 weeks PCT, then follow it with an OTC test boost/E2 block.

I do have two photos, one towards the start and a decent one yesterday, get those up meow.

Pictures really don’t do enough justice for the thickness I feel I’ve gained. The leaning out is pretty obvious, but just feel so thick throughout. Loving it!

Looks like a lot of progress to me. Nice work.

Appreciate it! 9 weeks to go as well! Grow mf’er grow!

Solid gains man! Keep it up. Definately getting leaner too

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Thanks bro! Work to do but I know you gotta put in the work to get the results.

Past 6 months have been serious cutting. Was a fat ass for my build 5’9 223. Got lazy after the kids came and was disgusted with myself. Cut to 191 (still had more left clearly), but now I feel I’m on the right track. I’ll keep the updates coming.

Well boys, although it may be water weight, etc. tipped the scale this morning @210! Feeling just through the fucken roof.

First off, good work. Always nice to see guys use responsibly and get out of a cycle what they’re working for.

Second off, probably black out your face if you’re posting pictures on a public forum about how you’re using illegal substances. Some guys don’t care, but I’m generally more paranoid about privacy, so I thought I’d throw that out there.

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Makes total sense, let the gains clog my judgement!

Week 2

Week 6

Fixed it, good looking out.

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Although I w done my research and know the super human feeling that the T gives you, it’s a whole different thing actually feeling it. So many damn drop sets hit today, because I just felt like I couldn’t stop killing the weights. Weight still up, 209.6 this morning.

Wanted to get some feedback on a 2nd cycle. I’m a guy who follows “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So I will probably just run another Test cycle, maybe up to 750/wk. any other feedback.

And no tren, I repeat no tren! Lol

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You’ll have to experiment to see at what point you hit diminishing returns. Maybe 500 is great, 600 is greater, and 750 causes too many side effects. Or maybe 750 is perfect. You won’t know until you’re there. But I like the approach of not straying too far from what works for you. That’s smart.

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Thanks man. And I said 750 because it’d be easier for me to pin, gear I get is 250mg/per and although not a huge deal to draw 1.25, 1.5 just feels easier to say lol

And for people wanting to get crazy so early, not a good style IMO. Gains I’ve already made 1/2 way in is ridiculous. Fellow dude who I haven’t seen in a while who has been on for a bit saw me yesterday, and first thing he said, “you’re juicin’ aren’t you?”

Said the thought that was me, but couldn’t tell because I was a hell of a lot bigger.

I’ll count that as a win.

Bros no homo, but fuck this libido is just insane…fucking wind blows and I’m air humping.

Yeah that’s a nice added bonus. Even on my TRT dose I find it difficult to ignore the near-constant feeling that I want my girl here right fucking now. Makes it tough to have client meetings some days.

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