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Test C Dose and SHBG

Just switched to IM injections after a failed attempt at Androgel for a year. I’m wondering how testosterone cypionate dose varies by SHBG.

Doctor started me on 100mg test C per week. My SHBG was 23 with a normal range of 10-50.

What do you more experienced guys think is a typical dose with that SHBG?

Seems about right to me. So where between 100-120mg should be about right. Pin 2x per week and split the total.

Long story short…I was at a TRT clinic before trying endocrinologist and getting the Androgel. At the TRT place they gave me 140mg once per week.

Testosterone was 850ish, I think the normal range was 250-850. That test result was at trough.

I’m hoping the endo will up my dose to 120 at least.

How often where you injecting? If once a week that’s close to right, possibly a tad much, so 120mg may be more effective. If 2x per week probably just right to be optimized. How were you feeling at that dose?

A couple years ago at 140mg once weekly I felt great, but probably was too high until trough, where I was at the top of the range.

The Endo had me doing a 200mg injection once every two weeks. I know this is bullshit but stuck with his protocol for 6 weeks just to get the script on insurance. Just got blood drawn today so blood results soon. Felt great on week 1, like shit on week 2 which is obvious.

I’m switching to E3.5D with or without his permission. I’m too prone to highs and lows.

A typical dose is 150-200mg once a week regardless of SHBG. I have seen zero correlation between testosterone injection frequency and SHBG. I have guys with single digit SHBG taking 200mg once a week, and guys with 70-90 SHBG taking 200mg once a week. Outside of what you will read on internet forums, probably about 10% inject two or more times a week. That 10% does not include those taking 200mg every two weeks through their PCP, urologist or endocrinologist.

I know a lot of guys using underground TRT, they take 200mg a week. I see many patients coming from other TRT practices and for some from certain practices I know what they are taking before I ask them, it’s 200mg a week, 1000IU hcg and 2mg anastrozole a week.

If 100mg a week puts you where you want to be, fine. Also, nothing wrong with multiple weekly injections, I moved a guy from two to three today, but by far most do not need to do so.

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I’m curious. What’s a typical testosterone level when blood is checked at 200mg/week. I’m sure it varies person to person but I’m curious in general.

There seems to be two schools of thought here. 100-120mg/week is plenty to get you where you need to be while some will say that is on the low side. Some say 200mg/wk works great while others say that gets you into the super physiological range.

Although I’ve never experienced it, it seems that being in the super-physiological range makes you FEEL great! But perhaps long term high doses in that range may not be not be great overall for your health.

I’m not vested either way. Just trying to gather some intelligence from others with more experience than I have. Thanks!

I does vary, 800-1200ng/dL is typical.

I’ve thought a lot about this. At what point is it like a 7y/o, with a mouth full of candy, holding his hand out for more? AAS/PED cycles from the old days were pretty much dictated by what you could afford and what you could find. However, I learned there is a point of diminishing returns, more is not better, and even a point where more is worse. Often, towards the end of a given cycle, I looked forward to the competition not only to test myself, but because I could get off of everything. I’m sure there were many factors there, training stress, constantly pushing it, the length of time we were on, etc., but generally, we wanted a break.

I would argue the concept of a range. When somehow a patient “in range” at 300, 350, 400, 500, has low testosterone symptoms, we give them testosterone and ignore the range. Yet, someone coming in a 1300 trough is supraphysiological, out of the range? Or, a guy a 900 is because he was at 1700 the day after his injection. So, at what point are we moving from boosting testosterone to symptom relief to dosing high so we now have a “drug” efftect?

This is not unlike VitC, which is necessary and has many health benefits. The RDA is pretty low, a couple of oranges cover it. We have some advocating grams of it. It’s “natural” and good for us. Even as much as 10g. You would need to eat, what, 200 oranges a day to get that. So, what is “natural” about that? Taking high/mega doses is then for a “drug” effect. Still, many do it.

There is a point where we are doing the same thing with testosterone. I’m not sure where that is, but it’s fun to discuss/debate. We’ll take 500mg, or 1000mg, even 2000mg of C and declare it OK (that’s up for debate as well), but draw the line at 5000, 10,000 or 20,000.

There are some doctors that use daily scrotal creams exclusively and keep their guys at 1500-2000ng/dL. If I see a blood test come back at 1600, 2000, 2100, I know they did not get the blood drawn at trough, or…they are supplementing from another source.

Funny story, had a woman on test cream come back at 500! Turned out she was getting trochees from another doctor and using both.

I hope this helps. Overall, I’d say if you are happy with how you feel on 100mg, fine. If not and taking over 200, then we need to sit down and talk. Like the guy who told me his libido could be better. So I asked, he and his wife were having sex twice a day…

Thanks highpull, that was a great read. I’ve always dealt with anxiety issues, and when my T is low it tends to get worse. I also get low energy, low motivation, and gain weight easily.

My libido has always been good, and only got better with TRT.

When I was at 850ish at trough, 140mg/wk I felt alot better. Super motivated to do things, was starting to lose weight, and my libido was excellent. Felt like I was in my 20s again.

The anxiety was still there but improved.

Who knows if I would feel even better with a higher dose, but I was probably close to diminishing returns.

Thanks again!