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Test C/Deca Stealth

Planning a TestC/Deca cycle,I got my stealth gear and nolva/clomid for Pct,
I found 25gauge needles,and the site also has sterile Vials,I’m wondering if you could transfer the product from sachets to a sterile vial?

I guess I don’t like the idea of keeping the product in a syringe until it is needed again.From what I have read, Stealth products seem to have a love/hate relationship with those who have use them. I’m gonna give them a try,hopefully i will have no issues.

transfering the remaining oil from an open satchet to a vial is the safest way to go.

You should transfer the sachets to the vials. But you need to filter the oil coming out of the sachets. Going straight from the sachet to the vial could introduce pathogens.

I’d prefer to be safe.

follow RJ’s advice…def. filter it into a vial…you might not run into any problems if you don’t…but why risk it at all.

I stand corrected.