Test C, Deca, estrogen blocker ?

I have been on Trt for a little over a year. Recently upped my dosage and started a cycle of deca. Doing a 12 week cycle then getting off deca and brining my test dosage back down. 300mg of each per week while on. Is an estrogen blocker recommended? Having some symptoms of acne(which started a few months before cycle), and I believe my hair is thinning. Not too worried about those symptoms but curious if it is beneficial to those and in general to do an estrogen blocker? If so, is there a ratio or a recommend amount ?

AIs or SERMs are an individual thing. Some need them, some don’t. Neither are likely to help much with acne and definitely won’t do anything for hair. If these are your only two symptoms then its a moot point.

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If you feel you have high E symptoms get some bloodwork done. You should be doing this anyway if your on TRT or taking AAS.

Why are you altering the Test dose…just to stay higher than the Deca dose?