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Test C/Deca Cycle

Hey,Being a "newbie"to this forum,I thought that I should educate myself as much as possible,so I have almost read every thread on this forum, Many Anthony Roberts articles,and Newbie thread is memorized on a page to page basis,and taken to heart.

 I have been planning a first cycle for quite some time,A Bro from the Gym turned me on to TNation and so I joined,and spend endless hours reading all I can. The more I read ,the more questions I have. Usually I wait for someone else to to post a question I might have,or I dig thru the threads to find answers,but I think I'll ask a few questions my self.

 1st cycle: Deca 400mg 1/12weeks
           TestC 500mg 1/14weeks
          nolva  10mg duringcycle
  Pct:Nolva40mg 30mg 20mg taper
     Clomid100mg 50mg 50mg taper
Thats the plan,I'm set on gear so this is what I'm thinking of running.

I’m planning a summer cycle,Ineed the next 2mo to loss more weight I’m bumping up my cardio to 40min/day 4 days /week so hope this helps,Dialing in the diet is also a big help(low carb,high Protien,1 cheat day)not too structured but clean.
Reading thru threads I have seen posts on deca.and wondering if 300 mg deca is better or stick to 400mg?

my reason for deca is that it stores water in connective tissue,thus alleviating joint pain,I know when I get aggressive in the gym I get joint pain,so hopefully deca can help this. reason for nolva during cycle is it helps to keep HDL/LDL Lipid profiles in check,plus I heard it can also help with h2o retention?

Question: is my proposed PCT aggressive enough for deca/testc cycle?
should I have a anti-progesteronic drug(Bromocriptine,Cabergoline)?
My goal is noticeable gains not dramatic,over the top gains. any feed back would be great. mounten

Decent ideas. Here’s what I’d change in no particular order of importance. 400Deca and 500Test is a bit more Deca to Test ratio than myself and many of us gear heads are comfortable with. I’d either drop Deca to 300 if you do 500Test or bump Test to 600 if you keep 400Deca.

I don’t think you need to start with 10mg of Nolva ED especially if you drop to 300/500. I personally don’t believe in using Clomid concurrently with Nolva for PCT.

HCG is the one product you might look to add for your PCT. IMO its not per se an absolute must though for a 300/500 dosage; though certainly it will speed along your ball re-growth. You could look to add proviron to the mix as well. It will do a lot more for you than 10mg of Nolva ED would. Again, not an absolute must but better than not.

Also you mentioned you need to lose weight prior to your cycle. I’m not sure I agree with the wisdom of that since you’ll likely just gain a whole bunch back on cycle.

Maybe a dumb question but I’ll ask it anyways. Is it necessary to run nolva during the cycle?

In a word, no.

Should you be prepared for outbreaks with Nolva, yes.

Is this need for nolva or an AI dosage related, yes.

I find the one gram a week mark to be the point where an AI or daily Nolva becomes almost necessary. The standard 500mg’s of Test only or even a 500Test 300Deca probably does not require daily estrogen control. Mileage will vary of course.

Thanks Sapasion,
300mg deca/500mgtestC sounds like
a better ratio to go with. The Mesterolone(proV)has spiked my interest,I have read Dosages from 25mg to 150mg,my question:50mg/75mg during cycle? Also ProV is said to have no depressing effects on serum FSH/LH levels,so would you use it in a PCT as a non-suppressive bridge beween cycles?

What type of dosage would you use ?
I have also read to use it for 4to5 weeks,Is this just general Oral protocol, what is the validity of that Statement?
Thanks again, Mounten