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Test C and Deca


Three weeks in any pointers on max does of test would help I seem to respond to 1ml of deca well


Reed: MORE


Hey reed more deca or more test I am taking 7.5 ml a week 1ml deca


Dude… What the fuck is a ml, come on man, how many MG are in that ml, how do you expect anyone to comment on your question if you don’t even give the dosage


Hahahahaha Personally I wanna know how you know your responding well to one ml of Deca after 3 weeks. Takes a good 4-5 to really feel anything and at 200-300mg depending on what 1ml means your not running enough to really feel a ton from it any way other than some joint relief.

I can’t really answer your question because I don’t know what your goal is here or how much Test or Deca your running. How ever to just make it easy and run 1 more ml of each :D.


750 mg test c and 250 mg deca


Ok dosage is as follows 750 mg 2x a week
250 mg decca 1x a week


Yeah keep Test there up the deca to 500 at least 750 even better.