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Test C 250 Cycle

Can anyone tell me the best cycle to use test c 250… dosages etc… ive done cycles before but always used test 400 and whacked 1ml in me every 5 days… can k do this with the c250??

“Light weight baby”

You can do whatever you want with it, it’s still testosterone like you had before, just a different concentration.

Test is test is test, regardless of the ester it’s all test.
With cypionate I would suggest two equal shots per week. So figure out what dosage you want per week then divide that in half and pin that every Sunday and Wednesday or every Monday and Thursday.
If you decide on 500mgs per week that will be pretty close to what you were dosing at 400 every 5 days so the question is did you achieve results you were happy with on your earlier cycle(s)?

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