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Test C 12w - 1w Off Mid Cycle


Hi all,

Upcoming 12W cycle, very basic test c 500/w + adex. Pin 2x weekly.

I spend 1w (5-7 days) out of country every 2 months due to work - unavoidable. As such any cycle of this length I run will out of necessity have a 5-7 day period during which I won't be able to pin or take AI. PCT (nolva and clomid) are also off the table to take while overseas.

Looking for advice on when the least-harmful time would be to take the week off in the cycle, and whether it's a good idea to "super load" the last pin prior to leaving the country - I.e. Take 750mg prior to leaving then my regular 250mg shot 5-7 days later upon return.

I'll be able to train while overseas but light weights only (typical hotel gym).

Given the short half life for pct drugs thinking pct while overseas is off the table.

Any comments appreciated.


AAS isn’t for everyone.

That being said pinning Test-E/C once a week is not a big deal.


Plan it between the time of your last pin to pct.