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Test Boosting Herbs Side Effects?


Hey I am thinking about getting Tongat ali and Tribulus for the semen volume enhancing and anti estrogen activity in them but I am worried that they might increase my testosterone to the point of shrinking my balls, I just take supplements that I can take everyday and not have to cycle it or worry about them shrinking my balls.

I dont know much about steroids and at what point they induce the negative effects we all know about and I never plan to use them but I am paranoid that some of the testosterone enhancing herbs out there can induce testicular shrinking. Is there such a thing as a safe level of increasing testosterone and should I be worried at all about taking Tongat ali/Tribulus? These questions may seem obvious but I am a noob when to comes to understanding the differences between steroids and herbs.


the only thing you should be worried about is wasting your money.

your balls will be fine, but your wallet will definitely shrink, and there will be little to no benefit


This is the funniest post ive seen in a while.

Either youre trolling or doing the shittiest fact checking possible. You should try and grow your google-fu first.


and if you find a semen volume enhancer let me know. sounds interesting.


[quote]theBeth wrote:
and if you find a semen volume enhancer let me know. sounds interesting.[/quote]