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Test. Boosters

Hello fellow T-Nation men.

First time post here, just wanted to say that its amazing to see posts based on research and scientific fact instead of the regular because the sales person said it does this.

My question is with regards to testosterone boosters. Never taken on before and am now seriously looking into it. I’ve been reading that its best to stack with ZMA.

Any information with regards to cycling methods, stacks, safety etc. would be greatly appreciated. What kind of results can I expect with a test. booster? I know everyone here is going to recommend Alpha Male, and I’ve already decided to go with that product, unless someone says something else.

Thanks guys for your help.

If you are taking Alpha Male I would also take ZMA. I’d also start with 1 cap 2x/day and go up from there. I spend as long as I can at lower dosages. At this point I start at 2 caps 2x/day because I know how I handle it and run that until I don’t ‘feel’ it as much. Then I go up to 3 caps 2x/day.

I like 4 on 1 off 3 on 1 off and repeat better than the 5 by 2 method but that is probably splitting hairs. The main thing is that you take off days. I’ve tried not doing this and I didn’t ‘feel’ the drive as much. Don’t know why.