Test Boosters-Worth It?

Hello to all. Im new to the boards been reading for a couple days and i am learning alot. Ive been lifting for two years made great progress(by my standards)and plan to continue.
Im 22 my diet and program are in tact but i think my test production is slipping a bit.
Ive been reading for a while on test boosters but i had a few questions.

1.If my test production is already high enough a natty test booster would be pointless but not harmful?

  1. my estrogen will raise along with the test, but when i am done with the booster will it level out? or will i need to get a anti-estrogen? the reason i ask this is because i have slight gyno and don’t want to push it any further(sux as it is)

  2. The two i think i am settling on is Forza-t or TRIBEX, opinions on which would be beter for me?

by the way happy to be here. thx

Well for starters - welcome!

As for using a T-Booster…

My personal experience of them was not a bad thing, saying that I did have increased Acne from them and such…

But when using AAS - my acne nearly disapears! so figure that if you can!

What i’m trying to say is that it is completely individual when it comes to alot of this and the best way is to suck it- and see.

Hope that may be of some help.

thx palie