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Test Boosters Useless w/ HTPA Shutdown?


Wasn’t sure whether to put under TRT vs Supplements since its both.
Im 48 & on TRT. Test Cyp 100 mgs/wk. (13 yrs).
Obviously my htpa is shutdown. All my bloods are good. Total T, Free T & E.
Ive had occasional issues w/ ED. Been experimenting w/ supplements to help. A lot are supposed T boosters. Tongkat Ali, Pine Pollen extract, D-Aspartic acid…just to name a couple. If my htpa is shutdown meaning LH, FSH are nil to non existent, are these supps a waste assuming they increase LH, etc?
(Have used Arginine & Citrilline for vasodilation/bllod flow)


Those cannot work. If you need higher TT and FT levels, most cost effective route is more injected T.

What are your objectives and motives?
Not feeling right?

When you say " All my bloods are good. Total T, Free T & E." I do not know what that means. Please post all lab work in list format WITH RANGES.

Please inject twice a week and dose AI at time of injections.
Are you using hCG or a SERM?
Injecting T once a week really is not good.

Most TRT is simply done wrong or poorly by almost all doctors.

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